July 30, 2013

Gentse Feesten.

Bad quality, but I had to include them. They're my favorite pictures of the weekend.

I mentioned earlier that the boyfriend and I went to the Gentse Feesten. During 10 days, there are 11 staged spread over the historic centre of Ghent where you can see performances of all kinds of artists -mostly Belgian. When you walk from one stage to another, there are many other things to do: local cafés with delicious drinks (I discovered 'cuarenta y tres': my new favorite drink), flea markets - we scored a record from the Bee Gees for 1 euro! -, street artists, waffles and other great food and right near our hotel there was a fair. We didn't see that much artists (except for Jackobond, a fifties cover band and little parts of shows that were already going on) but we enjoyed the atmosphere so much! I'm definitely going back next year!

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