July 28, 2013


Last week, the boyfriend and I went a couple of days to Ghent for the Gentse Feesten (translated it means something like the Festivities of Ghent) which is a festival right in the historic centre of Ghent. I'll tell you all about the festival in another post but for right now I'm just going to talk about Ghent.
If I hadn't studied in Leuven, I definitely would have gone to Ghent. It's such a beautiful city and the people always seem so friendly and happy. The water is nearby, there are lots and lots of fun shops everywhere and it's just fun to walk around in because it's not too busy either. I've fallen in love with Ghent a while back and I hope to live there some day. Maybe not too long, because it is quite far from my family. But damn, it's just so beautiful!

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