November 6, 2013

It has begun!

On Monday, I started my first day as an intern in my old school. It wasn't exactly my first day as a teacher though. Before we are allowed to actually teach, we have to observe a few lessons first (10 hours to be exact). And on Monday, it was the first day I observed a class. 2 classes actually. I still count it as my first day because I was really nervous (and whenever I'm nervous, it's serious to me). It's weird being back in your old high school. Especially if you haven't been there in five years and all of a sudden you sit there in the teacher's lounge surrounded by all of your former teachers. I didn't get recognised yet which is no surprise actually because I never really stood out. Maybe later, when I actually start to teach and spend more time in the school someone will remember me. Anyway, I'm really excited to start the internship. I wasn't at first, I really started to question my decision to pursue a teachers' degree but after today I think I might like it. I guess I just have to wait and see 'til the big moment is finally there... After the holidays!

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