April 11, 2014

Internship: process.

As most of you know, I'm busy with my internship to become a teacher. I thought I'd share a little bit about how that is going because well.. I think everyone is a little bit interested in the failures of others. And a failure it was. Or at least it was at first. My first lesson didn't go exactly as planned. While I thought I had given a moderatly good/good lesson, the real teacher (so the one who is supposed to give me my grades) didn't think so. Apperently I was doing all sorts of things wrong and somehow I just didn't succeed in turning things around. Until I changed teachers! In the school where I do my internship,
there are 3 different teachers between which I rotate. And when it was time to change from the first to the second teacher a whole new world opened up for me. That made such a huge difference to me! All of a sudden, I started to do things well! Yes, you heard me: I was good! I mean, of course I wasn't a perfect teacher yet (and I'm still not, I probably won't ever be) but I didn't feel like a failure anymore which changed everything for me. Not that I suddenly loved teaching, it still needs to grow on me but I got confident. And as I've learned by now, confidence is everything for a teacher. It really really is. You need to sell whatever it is your teaching and be confident and enthusiastic! The third teacher was awesome as well, she really gave me some great feedback and although I still screwed up from time to time (yes, even when the big boss from Leuven came to take a look), she kept motivating me to give a great lesson and to not go cry in a corner - yes, that almost happened.
So, what have I learned from that first internship? That you can't become a teacher without great teachers! I always felt like I didn't learn anything from the lessons I followed in Leuven... and I still feel that way. So in a way, it might be normal that I struggled that much in the beginning. But changing teachers was a revelation to me. Instead of focusing on what I do wrong, I got to hear that I wasn't all that bad. Of course, I have still lots of work to do but the most important thing about being a teacher I had: I was great in communicating with the students and we had a great interaction. I love those two last teachers for giving me the confidence I needed. I'm still anxious about the second internship but at least I know I can do some things right!

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  1. Blij voor je dat het beter gaat nu je van leerkracht bent veranderd. Soms doet dat veel hé, van mentor veranderen. (Ken je ons bloggerscafé op facebook al? Een Facebookgroep voor Nederlandstalige bloggers waar we gezellig kunnen babbelen en hopelijk in de toekomst elkaar meeten :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/430469177097568/ )