October 4, 2014

What I miss about Leuven /1

As you may know, I studied in Leuven for about five years. During those five years I also lived in Leuven... and absolutely loved it. Now, I moved back home since I'm no longer a student (I'm already working for a month, can you believe it?) and there's no need to live in Leuven anymore. Moving back home was quite an adjustment but all in all it's been fine. But I do miss Leuven a lot. I even cried when I moved out. Yes, I did and it's nothing to be ashamed about!

Here's why and what I miss about Leuven;
I no longer have a super market across the street (this was soooooooo easy!), nor do I have a Chinese place across the street anymore, or a pizzeria around the corner or a 'frituur' (= a place where you can buy french fries... didn't know the translation) around the other corner. I miss the feeling of being independent, I didn't have to take anyone into account - which came in very handy on the days I partied until 7.30 am. And I miss cooking my own meals. I really do.

The fun thing about Leuven is that you have all the advantages of a city (great shops, lots of cool places to hang out, lots of restaurants, cafes, ...) but on the scale of a village because Leuven really is very small. Oh my, I loved it so much. But of course, I will be a little more detailed. I'm not really a 'hotspot' kind of girl, but since we're talking about Leuven here I thought I'd be authorised to tell you my favorite hotspots. This is where I've been hanging out a lot in the past five years (together with lots of other students as well).


Best soups in town. When I started my freshman year in Leuven, there was only one store open and boy, you had to be early to avoid the crowds. Around 1pm, there was a line that (almost) went around the corner of the street. And yes, the soups are so great, you would want to get in that line and wait 20minutes. A year or two ago, they opened a second shop and the lines are just as long there.
Herbert Hooverplein 15
or Vital Decosterstraat 2
3000 Leuven


This is where I learned to drink coffee. Okay, that may be exaggerated. To be honest; their playin' vanilla is the only coffee I like (of all the coffees in the world that is, so that counts for something). But if you're not a coffee addict - just like me - you can still find other deliciousness here, trust me. I regularly go there for a strawberry-orange juice, an oreo milkshake (yummie!) or a bagel. And in winter, I love their chocolate milk with whipped cream.
They actually have a similar story as coup de soup. At the beginning of my student 'carreer', there was only the Punto Caffe but because of great success they opened a second shop a year ago. In the Kiosk, you cannot only find your favorite coffees, but your favorite magazines as well. And cookies, brownies, carrot cake, quiche, ...
L. Vanderkelenstraat 17a
3000 Leuven

Brusselsestraat 33
3000 Leuven


Every student in Leuven knows how to find this place. If you haven't been at De Werf, you haven't been in Leuven. This restaurant really is one of the most student-friendly places I know. I mean, if you want great food for a cheap price (as all students do) you should go to De Werf. Really, there's not one bad thing I can think of, except for the fact that they're closed during the weekends. In all five years I must have eaten here a hundred times I guess. Yes, a hundred, at some point almost weekly. It's fast, cozy, so colorful and like I said: cheap. Plus, their desserts are to die for. BEST. CHOCOLATE. MOUSSE. E-V-E-R. That's all I can say.
Hogeschoolplein 5
3000 Leuven

That's it for now. But there's so much more I still want to show you guys, so there's another post coming soon!

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  1. Tof zeg! Over 2 jaar (of ja, na mijn 2e bach als alles goed loopt) moet ik voor 3e bach + Master naar Leuven :D Ik hoop dat de adresjes nog bestaan van ze zien er echt leuk uit :D