December 14, 2014

What I'll miss about Leuven /3.

Okay, this is the last part of things I'll miss about Leuven. Although hard, it's time to say goodbye. Another journey has started and it's going to be just as awesome, I'm sure... and luckily for me, I have lots of friends still living in Leuven. The perfect excuse to still visite regurlarly. Are you ready for the last part? It's going to be... - wait for it - LEGENDARY!

Let's start off with some great coffee bars. I may not like coffee but my friends do... and I gladly follow them to these places for the lovely interiors.


photo found on Foursquare
I discovered this place recently while hiding from the rain and I immediately fell in love. The boyfriend enjoyed one of the strongest coffees of his life (stuborn as he is, he didn't want to take a 'girly' latte) and I tried one of the homemade lemonades. We both quickly knew they'll be seeing a lot more of us... Until we realised I don't live in Leuven anymore. Damn.
Naamsestraat 49
3000 Leuven


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This place is perfect for people who have lots of coffee-slurping friends but are not crazy about the black liquid themselves... for people like me basically. While your friends enjoy their coffee, I can snoop through all the books in this place. Because yes, this is a bookstore and coffee bar in one. Genious, right? I know.
Schrijnwerkersstraat 11
3000 Leuven

Now let's move on to food. I once read on the ceiling in a diner (true story; on the ceiling!) the following line: "there's no greater love than the love for food". I couldn't agree more. And these places are the reason why:

photo found here
This restaurant is a favourite of one of my best friends. Almost every year on her birthday you could find us here. And with good reason of course. Although it's fit for all audiences, I think it's the perfect restaurant for students who have something to celebrate (let's say, a birthday). It's not super cheap but still very reasonably priced. So you don't feel like a total cheap ass but still haven't spent half of your allowance on one night out.

Ravenstraat 15

3000 Leuven


photo found on foursquare

Okay, I will be very honest with you guys (as always). When I first entered this bar I immediately was repulsed by all the pots and kettles hanging on the walls. It's like a drunk yodeller threw up in there. So so kitschy. I thought they would never see me again. But then came the menu and they had lots of things for very véry reasonable prices (aka it's cheap). Plus, the food is just really good too! So I gave it another try, and again, and again. And now it's become one of the things I'll miss most about Leuven. You hate it or you love it but you most definitely have to give it a try ones!

Tiensestraat 8

3000 Leuven

photo found on foursquare
I only discovered this place last month, I believe so maybe it doesn't entirely count as "things I'll miss about Leuven" because I didn't even study there anymore when I first had dinner at Pepenero. But still it's worth mentioning. For anyone who wants to visit Leuven in the near (or not so near) future and who loves Italian food, I would recommand this place. It's kind of like 'den Appel' in the sence that it's not super cheap but just normally priced. Students are not its main target audience which makes it a nice alternative to eat out. Plus, it's located in one of the cosiest streets in all of Leuven so the atmosphere alone makes it worth while.

Muntstraat 19

3000 Leuven

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  1. I've never been to Leuven. It's on my "to-do list' though. And when I'm there I'm gonna pay a visit to DOMUS. Sounds like fun!