October 26, 2014

What I miss about Leuven /2

Yesterday, I went back to the beautiful city of Leuven for a date with my friends. They all still live there or come there regularly so they didn't really get why I went crazy coming back in my second home town. Okay, it was only two months since I had last been there but still... I've missed it. All those great and wonderful places... Which places, you say? Well, these places:


I discovered this Mexican restaurant only in April of this year and boy, am I sorry. Had I known this existed four years ago, I could have enjoyed a lot more of this delicious food... and there even more delicious margaritas. No kidding, they serve the best margaritas in all of Leuven here in this place. Like I said before, I discovered this cute restaurant way too late but in those few months I had left, I must have gone there about 6 or 7 times... in two or three months time. That's good food, baby!
Tiensestraat 21
3000 Leuven

October 11, 2014

Lisboa /1

I can't believe it's been more than two weeks that I've been to Lisbon. After two weeks of work, I already took my first days off and went to Lisbon with my parents and boyfriend. We lucked out with the weather (25+ °C) and enjoyed a beautiful city. As you can see from the pictures below:

Torre de Belém

October 7, 2014


September's been a busy busy month. So busy that I forgot to take pictures. As you see:

1. I started working! // 2. Saw Get Ready perform (which was very nostalgic for me) // 3. Went to Pairi Daiza and saw the pandas // 4. AND came very very close to an elephant. Probably the closest I'll ever get! // 5. First (and last) time at a disco (La Rocca) // 6. Boyfriend letting me know he came home safely // 7. Later that week he found a lizard // 8. And we ended the month with great weather and ice cream!

October 4, 2014

What I miss about Leuven /1

As you may know, I studied in Leuven for about five years. During those five years I also lived in Leuven... and absolutely loved it. Now, I moved back home since I'm no longer a student (I'm already working for a month, can you believe it?) and there's no need to live in Leuven anymore. Moving back home was quite an adjustment but all in all it's been fine. But I do miss Leuven a lot. I even cried when I moved out. Yes, I did and it's nothing to be ashamed about!

Here's why and what I miss about Leuven;