November 27, 2014

Thursday Tunes.

After a two month break: Thursday tunes are back!

November 19, 2014


I've seen this posts on other blogs and always loved the concept, so I thought I'd give it a try myself.
So, I'm currently:

November 15, 2014


These last couple of weeks have been very busy, especially the weekends. Which is why I didn't have time to write new posts. But I'm back and with a bit of delay, I'm here to show you what I've been upto in October:
1. Taking a lunch break with the Boyfriend: Fishburgers, njam, njam! // 2. Lisa Smolders at a local bar; had to check that out // 3. Breakfast at work... // 4. ... because it's customer service week and that deserves a cupcake! Homemade by the big boss! // 5. Watching ou Red Devils on a big screen at a friends' house // 6. Celebrating my sister in law's bithday too // 7. Eating out with my parents + bf: dessert time // 8. Lots of work! // 9. Home alone = cooking your own dinner // 10. Eating out with friends // 11. Meeting up with friends in Leuven; and we saw Bart Peeters // 12. We had lots of fun // 13. And I bought this supercute rabbit onesie // 14. Eating out with the boyfriend (lots of eating out this month) // 15. Crazy. Stupid. Love

November 1, 2014

Lisboa /2

As I've mentioned before, about a month ago, I went to Lisbon with my parents and boyfriend. And we had a blast. And I want to show it.
Ribeira das Naus

The second day, we went to Belém. If you ever go to Lisbon, never skip this part of town. It's not that close to the historic centre but it's definitely worth the tram ride. It's got the Torre de Belém, the Ponte de 25. Abril (a copy of the Golden Gate Bridge in SF) but most importantly... it's got the pasteis de Belém. Thé. Best. Pastries. I. Ever. Tasted.