December 31, 2013

New Year's resolutions.

It's been a busy couple of days lately, with all these parties to attend. Tonight is probably the last one in the series, so enjoy it while you can. At least for me, it means that I can return to a normal studying schedule (unfortunately). Anyway, I hope you have a blast tonight and that you won't be too hungover later to celebrate with your family tomorrow! I'm pretty excited for 2014 and terrified as well because if it all goes to plan, this year will be a year of great changes for me. Normally, I will graduate (again) but for the last time and I will be done studying... which means I have to start looking for a job. A real one, like the grown ups have. I'm terrified just thinking about it! But anyway, that's for later this year! Right now, I'm focusing on my new year's resolutions which I'll probably have forgotten about around the end of January. Although I must say that I did pretty good on last year's resolutions!

What are your resolutions for the upcoming year?

December 26, 2013

Thursday Tunes - Holiday Edition.

Merry Christmas everyone (a day late)! Hope you had fun (and still having it).
Since I love the holidays so much: a special holiday playlist! A.K.A. all the cliché songs in one post. Come on, admit you like it! ;)

December 21, 2013

DIY Bow bobby pins

Usually, I don't really dress up all that much for the holidays. I mean, I throw on a nice dress, but that's kind of it. The last couple of days, I've noticed with my friends that I might be an exception. They're all stressing about what to wear, how to style their hair and busy with manicures, pedicures, waxing legs and eyebrows... Man, it's exhausting just hearing them talk about it. So I have a little suggestion for those who are just like my friends and don't know what to do with their hair yet. With these DIY bobby pins, your hairdo will look instantly cute and if anyone asks you where you got it, you can say "I made it myself". That's always a win for me.
You just need a little leftover fabric and you can follow this tutorial (or you can just type in 'DIY hair bow' on google and you'll have thousands of hits). I more or less did it the same way, I only used a bobby pin to attach it to (it's easier with my hair) and in step 6, I used an elastic rubber band to scrunch it all up instead of sewing it. But if you prefer to sew that will work just fine too. Have fun making/wearing it!

December 14, 2013


If you remember my winter buckelist, you might have noticed that the number one thing to do was visiting as much christmas fairs as possible. And I'm proud to say that I can cross off at least one christmas fair that's been on my list for quite some time. 
In Aachen (Germany), just over the border, there's a very known / big christmas fair. I had never been there, so I asked the boyfriend if he would take me... And he did! I absolutely love the atmosphere this time of year. Everything is so cosy with all the lights and decorations. Oh, if only it could last all winter... Anyway, here are some pictures of our time in Aachen. As you'll probably notice.. We mostly ate and drank a lot!

December 11, 2013

Nutella Chocolate Milk.

Ah, the chocolate milk season has come! The couple of good/cozy weeks winter has, have arrived and I'm ready for them. From now until New Year's all the cities look their best, with sparkling lights all over the place, christmas trees everywhere and a couple of christmas fairs in the neighborhood. This is probably the only part of winter I like. After the holidays it only gets colder and it starts to snow (which I love... at first) and the roads get dangerous and accidents happen all over the place. Nah, I'm not looking forward to that part of winter... So I already thought of some comfort food! Nutella chocolate milk. It's as simple as that.

December 8, 2013

Pigs in a blanket.

Since the holidays are coming up, I thought I'd share a few of my ideas for great appetisers. These are the boyfriends' favorite! The boyfriend and I love eating (a lot!), so often when we are watching a movie or some tv at night, we start having cravings. And these are a quick way to fix that!

December 5, 2013

Winter bucketlist.

It feels like winter has begun. Temperature has dropped, about a week ago, it even started snowing for a while and I started wearing my terrycloth socks... All the signs are there! So I made a little to do list of all the things I want to do this winter. It's going to be a busy season with exams, the holidays, an internship and lots of assignments waiting to be done but everyone needs a little me-time now and then. So here's my list:

December 2, 2013


1. Skyping with the boyfriend // 2. I'm actually really bad at painting my nails // 3. Working on a task together with some friends from school // 4. 1 minute cookie! (yes, it's true!) // 5. On a date with the boyfriend // 6. Sinterklaas has arrived! // 7. A sort of date with the boyfriend: a spontaneous walk in the forest // 8. One of my (many) tasks // 9. Cupcakes // 10. We finished the bottle of Cuarenta y tres (it's sooooooo good!) // 11. Having a good time with some friends + eating ice cream // 12. Boyfriend is too big for the fitting rooms // 13. Slowly shrinking to do-list // 14. On my way home by train // 15. More work for school + tea // 16. Ending the month with another cupcake. That's the way to do it!