March 30, 2014

Blue Sprite cocktail.

Sprite is my second favorite soda drink, I guess (Fanta is my number one! Mmm.. Fanta!). So I'm not really too excited to use it in cocktails because if it doesn't turn out the way I wanted to, I just wasted perfectly good and delicious Sprite. If you think that's weird, I don't blame you but you don't have a clue of how many of my little 'experiments' epically fail (A. LOT!). But a while ago, at a friends housewarming party (so crazy I have friends that already moved in together), I tried this cocktail and was immediately hooked. So before I got my buzz on, I made sure I had the recipe so I could try this myself at home. With all of the sun we've been getting lately (oh, I love sunny days), I've been getting in my cocktail mood and because I love crazy colored cocktails, I thought it was time for this guy.

March 22, 2014

Cake pops.

I doubted if I would do this post because I'm not really into cakepops. Cupcakes are more my thing: there's more to eat but they're still easy to take with you (on the train for example... I always get hungry on the train). But a few months ago, my parents bought me a cake pop machine - they didn't know what to get me anymore... I'm spoiled: I got everything! Now I got this machine standing here, so I decided to use it too! Cake pops are pretty messy with all the chocolate and if you're anything like me, I recommend you NOT to wear your best clothes... I litterally got chocolate every-where!

March 19, 2014

DIY Painted flower pots.

Between preparing for lessons, giving them and taking them, I found some time to do a DIY that I've been wanting to do since last summer. I saw lots of people experimenting with terra cotta pots and I loved all projects. So I decided to make my own. I chose to paint the pots, since that looked easier and I didn't have any cool fabric lying around. And well, does this really need an explanation? I just painted the pots and drew on whatever I wanted! You can do the same, you'll see: easypeasy. I just used some paint sample-thingies that I bought at a DIY-store (which cost about €2) and they were actually ment to paint walls but it worked fine!
I'm really in love with my new flower pots, they're just so much prettier than your standard terra cotta pot.

March 11, 2014

Carnival Parade!

As I promised earlier: pictures of our carnival parade. It doesn't look like much, I know. We're just a small town, we don't really have the funds for big and bold parade wagons, I guess. But the atmosphere is like no other ;).

March 9, 2014


Last week, it was that time of year again! It's the time when everyone starts looking for great costumes and let's him or herself go because it's carnival! YESSSS. I can understand that this sounds weird to a lot of people reading this. In most towns, carnival isn't a big deal but here in Herenthout it's something a lot of people have been looking forward to for a very long time. Why, you ask? Well... In Belgium, there are several towns/cities that have a parade or a tradition that has something to do with carnival (the best known city is probably Aalst). As does Herenthout! But you see, the special thing about Herenthout is that we have the oldest parade of Belgium. YES, WE DO! So, Aalst may have a prettier/better/bigger/better known parade, we're older, we're 122 years old! And we take pride in it! To celebrate this event we of course have our parade on Sundays, on Monday there's a big costume-themed party for adults and on Tuesday we do the same thing but for the little ones. As you might have suspected from the picture above, I went to the costumed party on Monday (I was Snow White, the Boyfriend was a dwarf). The funny thing about this is that - as you may have noticed - the Boyfriend is quite tall... Okay, very tall. To solve this problem we just told people that underneath his costume, 7 dwarfs were sitting on top of each other. You can find more pictures below! Today's the last day the parade goes through town and the weather looks promising so I'll try to get some snapshots. Then you'll know what I'm talking about ;)

March 5, 2014

Vanilla waffles.

Okay, so I might be addicted to cookies, waffles and anything snack-related. I eat them all day long (and then get surprised when I gain weight). Snacking is my weakness when it comes to dieting and stuff - not that I do diets, I'm a 'if-I-like-it-I'll-eat-it' kind of girl. On the rare occasions that I do try (hello, new year's resolutions), I fail after two days because I couldn't resist the cookies. And these vanilla waffles are definetely on that same list. The fact that they're pretty fast and easy to make doesn't help either and as I'm typing this post, a genious idea just came to mind: to dip these little waffles in chocolate... Sounds delicious, don't you think? I might try that later and I promise I'll let you know how that turns out (probably with everything covered in chocolate except the waffles). But don't worry, these guys are prettty good without the chocolate too!

March 2, 2014


1. Made my own bookmarks with washi tape and paperclips // 2. Beautiful scenry // 3. Preparing for the walk // 4. Wow! // 5. Walking crew // 6. Tapas! nom nom.. // 7. The Boyfriend's Christmas Present FINALLY arrived! // 8. Made my heart tights // 9. Watching Girls + coffee // 10. Fish burger @ Domus // 11. Went out for a run.. I'm not that good, I know.. I'm just so slow // 12. Going out for a bite with a coupon for Flair Magazine // 13. Valentine's Day // 14. Present from the Boyfriend: Vanilla syrup // 15. Jimmy, the Boyfriend's niece's cat (haha, too complicated?) // 16. Checking out blogs with a cup of coffee (with my new vanilla syrup of course)