September 29, 2013

Crete /3

Here's the last pictures of our trip to Crete. I know it's only been three weeks or so but seeing this pictures makes me want to go back immediately. Especially since I've been under quite some stress since I started going to school again. Before we took our giant hiking trip to the Samaria Gorge, I thought I could use some rest so we stayed close to our hotel. That doesn't mean that we lay at the beach all day (just a couple of hours), we also visited the Arkadi Monastery. It's very impressive. And so is its history.

September 26, 2013

Thursday Tunes.

My dose of music for this month. Enjoy.

September 24, 2013

First day of school.

Today is my first day of school (as you probably guessed from the title of this post) and I have to say I'm pretty nervous. The good kind of nervous though. Classes don't start until tomorrow, but today I get a first taste of what the rest of the year is going to be like. 
After graduating last year I decided to take an extra year and go for a teacher's degree. I wasn't sure - and I'm still not - if this is something for me. I'm quite easily intimidated standing in front of a large crowd. To stand in front of 20 high school students hitting puberty and trying to rebel (that's how I imagine it) terrifies me. Ironically, becoming a teacher was my childhood dream. I always forced my grandma to be my student and gave her homework for the next time. I can only hope that the real deal is going to be a bit like playing school with my grandmother.

September 21, 2013

Crete /2

If you ever get tired of the beautiful sceneries in Crete - which I doubt, Crete has it all: sea, mountains, white beaches and palm trees - there are tons of other things you could do. The boyfriend and I decided to go to Knossos on our third day, an archaeological site dating from the Minoan era. We lucked out and found a Dutch guide who told us everything - or at least a lot - there is to know about Knossos.

September 19, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookies.

By now, it's probably not a secret anymore that I love food. I love desserts and sugar, more specifically. I know veggies and fruit are much better and healthier for you but if you let me choose between a stick of celery and a cupcake, I'll always go for the cupcake. Always. Even if I liked celery. My favorite amongst the "it's bad for you, but so delicious"-category is - and always will be - the chocolate chip cookie (dough). So so sooooooo good. I've tried many different recipes, and they are all good to be honest but this is the one I use most. The one I always go back to:

September 17, 2013

Crete /1

Yesterday I got back from the beautiful island Crete (Greece) and I just fell in love. Even though the first day started out with a 5 hour delay - which ended up to be 9 hours - we had the best time! The boyfriend and I rented a car so we could discover the island on our own. After getting used to the Cretan driving style (they're crazy!) we could focus on the beautiful landscapes. Here are a few pictures of our first day which was mostly about destressing from the crazy flight and learn more about the town, Rethymno.

September 8, 2013

See you later, alligator!

Tomorrow, I finally leave for Crete. Well technically, I leave at 3 AM in the morning - so that's going to hurt. I've been looking forward to this since February. Being a student and all, I don't really have the money to go on trips very often so that makes it even more exciting. See you in a week! I'll be back before you know it. ;)
source: Pinterest

September 6, 2013

Broccolli + salmon couscous.

This is just something I invented when I was trying to be healthy in Leuven (which to me, is not as easy as it sounds). Without my mom around to tell what's good for me or not - and okay, even when she is around - it's pretty easy to order pizza every day or get some Chinese takeaway (especially when the Chinese place is right across the street). So I just threw together all the healthy things that I like (which aren't that many) and decided to try couscous for the first time as well. Ever since, I made this a lot. And I mean: A LOT.

September 4, 2013

2 years later.

Where'd you go? I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever that you've been gone. Please come back home.
- Fort Minor - Where'd you go?

Today, it's been 2 years since I lost my best friend. His name was Dries and he was wonderful. Still is. He taught me so much and I'll never be able to thank him enough for it.

Dries, I miss you so much and there's so much I still want to tell you. You're the bestest friend anyone could have ever wished for and I'll never forget our talks, the funny looks across the room and our silliness. I love you so much, don't ever forget about that.

September 2, 2013


1. Cocktails with friends // 2. Watermelon // 3. Making food with the boyfriend // 4. Wraps // 5. Gone out for a drink // 6. New desk lamp // 7. Chocolate milkshake // 8. Already planning next year's trip // 9. Rummage market @ Herenthout // 10. Bike riding // 11. Hapje Tapje // 12. Doing research + looking forward to visit Crete // 13. Going down memory lane with my Disneyland photobook