December 26, 2015

Mijn eerste capsulekleerkast

Vooraleer ik start met wat de langste blogpost tot hiertoe op de blog is, wil ik jullie nog een (laat) zalig kerstfeest wensen! Ik hoop dat jullie allemaal genoten hebben van een lekker feestmaal en het naar je zin had met je geliefden!

En nu, back to bussiness; ik las onlangs op internet iets over capsulekleerkasten en nu ben ik erdoor geobsedeerd. Ik had er nog nooit over gehoord maar blijkbaar is het echt een ding en ik moet zeggen: het idee intrigeert me. Als je niet weet wat een capsulekleerkast is, kan je er alles over lezen in het artikel hierboven maar kort samengevat zijn dit de belangrijkste dingen die je moet weten.
  • Je beperkt je kleerkast tot 37 stukken per seizoen. In andere woorden, je moet al je outfits voor drie maanden samenstellen uit die 37 stukken.
  • Die 37 stukken bestaan uit topjes, broeken, rokken, schoenen en jassen. Accessoires, pyjama’s, sport outfits en ondergoed zijn (gelukkig) niet inbegrepen.
  • Je hebt enkel die 37 stukken tijdens 1 seizoen. Er wordt niet gewinkeld tot het einde van het seizoen om je klaar te maken voor een nieuwe capsule.

Waarom zou je je willen beperken tot maar 37 stukken, vraag je?

December 19, 2015

White chocolate milk.

white chocolate milk - a floral sunset

So, the holidays are approaching fast and each year again around this time, I get in a sort of 'winter mode'.  All I want to do is cuddle up under a blanket, watch Christmas movies, stare at the Christmas tree (and all the presents underneath), eat cookies or other sweets and... drink some hot chocolate milk. I already shared my (not so) secret (anymore) recipe for a regular hot chocolate AND shared the joy of a nutella hot chocolate. Today, I came up with something new. Well, new... new for me... It's actually so evident but I never even thought about making white hot chocolate. Until one day at work, I got a revelation. I was even scared that I would forget this brilliant idea that I noted it down... Weirdest thing is... I don't even like white chocolate! But my dad does and he enjoyed this recipe very much! ;)

December 12, 2015


november 2015

1. Ran into Mr Grey at the Boekenbeurs. There are worse things in life // 2. Shopping trip to Eindhoven and found this cool street art // 3. I - of course - went to Primark and saw this cosy sweater of 'Stampertje'.. I had to take a picture for one of my colleagues because she's obsessed with it // 4. On my way to Gent... // 5. ... for a reunion with my Argentine-travel mates. Of course, we ate Argentinian steak // 6. Food truck festival @Felixpakhuis... // 7. ...where I saw these beautiful edible flowers // 8. My colleague and I had our one year facebook anniversary// 9. That same colleague started her own blog by the way, so be sure to check it out! Seriously, she bakes the most delicious food. I would know, I have often been one of her guinea pigs // 10. for some reason she also bought me these little mojito chocolates (because she knows I love mojito)... Isn't she the best? One more reason to check out her blog! // 11. I drank an 'advocaat' coffee for the first time.. WOW! I think I left drunk // 12. I also made tomato soup with meatballs (recipe will follow later) // 13. Trip to IKEA! After which, I started hoarding clothes hangers // 14. Breakfast with my girlfriends! // 15. Sitting cosy by the fire (which I made myself!) on a rainy Sunday afternoon. What more do you need?

And what have you been up to lately?

December 5, 2015


Speculoos/Ginger bread

It's almost Sinterklaas which means you can eat as much marzipan, chocolate and speculoos (I think it's translated as ginger bread in English but speculoos sounds much better) as you want because you know, Sinterklaas brought it so you don't want to be rude and let it turn bad. Right? Because I thought Sinterklaas shouldn't do all the work by himself I tried to make my own speculoos already... and it worked! Don't tell Sinterklaas but I think this one is even better than his but sht! Interested how I did it? Here's how you can make your own speculoos yourself;

November 28, 2015

Christmas wishlist

Here in Belgium, Sinterklaas is coming next week on Sunday (at least if you've been good this year... but I know I have so no worries there). Only three weeks later it's Christmas as well, so the perfect time for making lists, I thought! Here's my Christmas wish list already;

1. Simply Nigella // 2. Baking thingy // 3. Baking tin // 4. Tripod // 5. IKEA giftcard

Since the Boyfriend and I are slowly thinking about moving in together (sometime in September/October of 2016), we're already starting to purchase small things like a little table or some decorations. You know, to spread the costs a little bit. Of course, we can't buy any of the big things yet until we know how big our apartment will be so therefore I chose a gift card of IKEA (that way we can spent that money later on bigger furniture) and on the other hand, I requested a lot of baking/cooking things. We'll need them eventually and they will already come in handy for my little 'cookbook'- project. 

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

November 20, 2015

13 things to do on a rainy day.

When  you live in Belgium, you get used to rain. A lot of rain. Although I have to say, we've had an incredible summer this year but it's been different too. An entire month of rain in August, for example. Seriously, I'm not exagerating: nothing but rain! Saying goodbye to summer this year was extra hard because you never know what next year is going to bring and for all I know, this might have been the best summer in a very long time. But I decided to be positive about it and embrace those typical Belgian rainy days. Just because it's raining, doesn't mean it has to be boring! If you're uninspired on what to do on those cold, rainy days, I will help get you started with 13 things to do on rainy days:
  1. Have a spa day. Because what's better than spoiling yourself for an entire day? Take a warm hot bath, take care of your skin (using your own body scrub), pamper yourself with a mani/pedi and just relax...
  2. Make a cup of hot chocolate milk and cuddle up under a blanket with a good book.
  3. ... or forget about the book and just watch the raindrops (the sound of rain can be so soothing)
  4. Invite some friends over and have a movie/girls night (see point 1 as well)
  5. Online shopping. Because not being able to go outside doesn't mean you can't go shopping.
  6. Clean out your closet/desk/whatever needs to be cleaned out.
  7. Stop procrastinating. Okay, maybe this one doesn't sound as appealing as the other ones, but believe me, you'll feel better when you finished that one project you've been putting of for all this time. So go cook that recipe, make that DIY, finish that scrapbook or whatever project you were working on... You know what I'm talking about.
  8. Reorganize/redecorate a random room. Because you can.
  9. Cook ahead. Prepare yourself for a busy week ahead and already plan and if possible cook the meals for next week. It will save you so much precious time when coming home from work.
  10. Plan a weekend getaway. I'm sure you can use one.
  11. Game night! I'll admit I hate board games (truly hate them) but I'm always ready for a night of Singstar or Just dance!
  12. Make a capsule wardrobe (more on that here)
  13. Or... go outside and go dancing in the rain... You know you want to.
What do you like to do on a rainy day?

    November 11, 2015

    Asombrosa Argentina.

    (okay, I'll admit it; I totally google translated that title! I don't speak a word Spanish)

    Argentina Iguazu waterfalls

    So, we've established that I made it back home safely from Argentina... but did you really think that this small little post was all I was going to share about my trip to the other side of the world?! Uhm... No! It was my first travel experience outside of Europe and I loved it! I might have been a little homesick from time to time, but it was totally worth it! I will try not to over share all of my pictures (I have a lot of them) and briefly summarise where I've been. We only did the north of Argentina because the country is so big that we would have needed three other weeks to see the south as well (and I don't get that much time of from work). So, a quick summary of my three week trip in Argentina:

    November 3, 2015

    September + October.

    As I spent almost the entire month of September in Argentina, I thought I'd also include October in this months' overview to not go overboard with pictures of Argentina. So here's an overview of what I did in Argentina and how I settled back in upon my return.

    1. Everything alrighty in Buenos Aires, just sending a little pictures to ease my parents' mind // 2. In Salta, they had huge daiquiri's // 3. And I saw the most beautiful waterfalls of my life // 4. Some quality time before a rafting trip // 5. First day back at work; preparing for our team event (a murder dinner) and eating theme appropriate cupcakes // 6. I also got to dress up like a 20s flapper girl // 7. We also went to a wedding and I had fun with my sisters-in-law // 8. And one of them snatched this photo of the Boyfriend and I // 9. The Boyfriend and I also tried a new restaurant in Antwerp and absolutely loved everything we ate. Be sure to check out the Felix Pakhuis! // 10. I discovered Coffeelovers in Maastricht; such a beautiful location // 11. Flashback: doing homework again // 12. I went to a Fall Out Boy concert // 13. Breakfast @Charlies (also in Antwerp) // 14. The bf and I made some delicious pana cotta // 15. AND nachos! Hmmm... nachos

    October 24, 2015

    Fall playlist.

    Here's a little playlist of songs I've been listening to lately... because what would life be without music?
    I hope you will enjoy it!

    October 14, 2015

    Tiramisu cheesecake

    tiramisu cheesecake
    I was missing something here on the blog for quite some time and then it hit me; where was all the food? To make up for the lack of food, I thought I'd share this yummy cheesecake recipe. I'll have to admit that I never tried to make cheesecake before (I'm not a big fan of cheese) but there's a first time for everything and it was an immediate hit at my home. I think my mom ate whole the cake already. This cheesecake really captures the typical tiramisu taste very well. Want to find out how I made it? Keep on reading!

    September 26, 2015

    I made it home again.

    So, I'm back!! Argentina was very hot, freezing cold, exciting, exhausting, so much fun and in one word: amazing! I'll probably share more details in a/some future post(s) but right now, I just wanted to let you all know I made it back alive, the plane didn't crash and that there were no bus accidents. Below you'll already find a very brief overview of the fantastic people I've met, the breathtaking sceneries and the delicious food. I want to go back already!

    September 11, 2015

    5 blog posts that will help me improve my blog.

    I originally wanted to call this post '5 blog posts that helped me improve my blog'. Until I realized I had only 9 followers so I wouldn't call my blog exactly 'a success'. Which doesn't mean that it can't be... you know, one day.
    Anyway, lately I've stumbled upon a lot of very useful blog posts that will help me improve this blog because well... they educate me. I didn't even know there was a thing called 'SEO' or 'CSS'. And man, Google Analytics is still rocket science to me. But not for long, because with these blog posts, my blog can only improve... There's no way but up!

    1. 5 quick SEO tips for bloggers

    Like I said, I didn't really knew what SEO was (it's Search Engine Optimalisation... if you're wondering; yes, I had to google it... again) let along that I used it on this blog. I still don't use all these tips often enough, I think but I do try to repeat my blog title in the introduction, give a name to the photos I use. Small things that will hopefully make a difference.

    2. Google Analytics Tutorial

    I only use Google Analytics for a couple of months... and I'm lost. I really feel like someone should explain everything to me. Just sit down with me and explain every graphic, every dot and every table to me because really... what is it all about? This blog post of Helen in Between at least gave me some perspective on what is happening and how to interpret the different numbers that you get, which reports are useful, etc. . Not that I'm an expert now, I still need to go back to this post often and I still need to google lots of things but the base is here, I believe.

    3. Maintaining a low bounce rate

    You can imagine that if I didn't know what SEO was, than I never heard of a bounce rate until I opened google analytics. This, people, is one thing I understand from GA: the bounce rate should be as low as possible. In this blog post it's clearly explained why and you get some tips on how to get your bounce rate down.

    4. Photography tips for food bloggers

    I wouldn't call myself a food blogger but it is one of my main hobbies. Since I live back home with my parents, this side of my blog got somewhere in the back but once I find the time and opportunity again, I'd love to feature more food related posts here. Of course, your food has to look at least as good as it tastes and this is exactly what I'm struggling with. I'm no photographer, not at all but I do love taking pictures! The only problem is: I don't know what to look for or how to use my camera properly. So I have lots of posts saved somewhere which are all related to photography (not just food) which can be useful one day. As food to me is an important part of this blog, I already bookmarked these tips for the future.

    5. A new related posts gallery for Blogger

    Of course, in order to have successful blog you need to know something about HTML and CSS. You probably hear me coming but... I don't. Every feature that's not standard on Blogger (or maybe is but I just don't know about it), I got from this website: Code it Pretty. The related posts gallery that you see below? Got it here. The icons to my pinterest page, instagram, mail address? Got them here. Really, for an amature like me, this sight is SO helpful.

    September 2, 2015

    Summer 2015.

    If the plane hasn't crashed and I didn't get eaten by sharks, than I'm in Argentina at the moment (oh yeah!). This means that the best part of summer - for me - is happening at this very moment. Nevertheless, I already had a great summer so far... as you can see from the pictures below.
    1. The Boyfriend's family was on vacation which meant we were home alone... so we had a little barbecue... // 2. ... with just the two of us. It was delicious // 3. A couple of days later, I made the Boyfriend's favourite dish: shrimp pasta and I experimented a little and added spinach (it was a success!) // 4. The Boyfriend and his brother... Aren't they cute? // 5. I went to Hapje Tapje in Leuven and could have desserts of the Werf again! yummie! // 6. A week later, I was back in Leuven and I got a little nostalgic. This is the university library. // 7. I met some friends at the Skybar in Antwerp ... // 8. ... where we had an awesome view over the city // 9. Our dinner afterwards. We ate a burger at Ellis // 10. One of my colleagues had a birthday and we got these homemade Oreo cupcakes // 11. Our lunch vouchers got traded in for an electronic version and my card is the coolest with these cherries on it // 12. Sunset at Disneyland Resort Paris // 13. Yes, I went to Disneyland Paris!! and this lady totally photo bombed my picture // 14. I comforted myself with this delicious hot chocolate. As you can see: I was in Disney mode // 15. Of course, I took a Disney selfie with the Boyfriend // 16. and back home, it was the annual fair which means: waffles!

    August 26, 2015

    Buiten Europa reizen en hoe je jezelf kan voorbereiden.

    Zoals je misschien al gelezen hebt in mijn januari-overzicht, reis ik binnenkort naar Argentinië. Hoewel ik er erg naar uit kijk om voor de allereerste keer EVER buiten Europa te reizen, waren er ook heel veel dingen die moesten gedaan, gepland en gekocht worden... en wel ja, dingen die moesten gebeuren waarvan ik niet eens wist dat ze moesten gebeuren, om eerlijk te zijn. Ik dacht dat ik waarschijnlijk niet de enige ben met dit probleem en daarom maakte ik deze blogpost met de belangrijkste zaken die je op je to do lijst moet zetten wanneer je naar het buitenland reist, of dat nu Argentinië, Zuid-Afrika, Canada of Rusland is.


    August 19, 2015

    5 top attractions at Disneyland Resort Paris

    Disneyland paris

    So, I just came back from a magical weekend at Disneyland Resort Paris. You might not know me that well but one thing you should know is that I'm a total Disney fan. Seriously, I have all the movies (still on video though), all the classic Disney songs on my iPod and I'm proud to say I can sing along with every single one of them. You can imagine that my trip to Disneyland was like a trip straight to heaven for me! Because it was such an amazing experience, I've got lots of things to tell and pictures to show you but I won't bore you with that (because trust me, once I get started, I just keep on rambling for 3 pages). Instead, I thought I'd share my top 5 attractions at Disneyland Paris in order to keep the rambling limited to an absolute minimum.

    August 12, 2015

    Cityguide: Rotterdam.

    cityguide rotterdam

    About a month after we went to Lille, we went on another mini city trip and took off to Rotterdam. Although it's not that far from where we live, I had never really been there before. From comments of friends who had, I figured out it's a city that you either hate or love completely. I'm glad to say that for me, it was the latter. You'll  find out why below!

    August 5, 2015

    IKEA wishlist

    The Boyfriend and I have decided to buy a bed together. Not that we're planning on moving some place new and live together. No, no, no. We're nowhere near ready for that. Financially not, at least. But since he doesn't own a double bed and I'm tired of sleeping in a separate bed, far away from the boyfriend, we thought we do some grown up stuff and buy a bed. That way, we can simply move it with us when the big day comes.
    So, we were of to IKEA because well, that's furniture heaven, I believe and oh my. I fell in love with a hundred different things. I thought I'd show you my favourites so here we go:
    1. Our bed! We went for the FJELL model (429 EUR) -- 2. ENIGHT mug (2.99 EUR) -- 3. ARV BRÖLLOP glass bell (14,99 EUR) -- 4. HEKTAR lamp  (59,90 EUR) -- 5. HEMNES nightstand (39.90 EUR) -- 6. NYPONROS duvet covers (39,99 EUR)

    July 21, 2015

    Something new.

    As you can hopefully tell, I changed my background and other settings on the blog. Although I loved my previous lay out, after two years I thought it was time for something new. That doesn't mean I'm completely satisfied about this lay out yet but I'm a complete klutz when it comes to changing lay outs and image things and let alone CSS. I'm struggling my way through these things and thank God for Google!
    But anyway, it's a learning process and man, do I have a lot to learn. As I google my way into little changes on the blog, you'll probably see some things changing here and there. But the main works are done... I think. Hopefully.

    July 8, 2015

    Cityguide: Lille.

    Iets meer dan twee maanden geleden, gingen het Lief en ik op romantisch weekend naar Lille (Rijsel) in Frankrijk. Het was een nogal impulsieve beslissing om een weekendje weg te gaan maar we hebben het ons geen seconde beklaagd. Omdat ik op zoek was naar 'city guides' van Lille maar er geen vond, besloot ik om er zelf eentje te maken. Ik moet je wel waarschuwen, ik ben niet de beste fotograaf en omdat we ook tijdens een 'feestweekend' gingen (vrijdag was een feestdag), was er ook heel veel gesloten. Toch denk ik dat ik genoeg interessante plekjes heb gevonden om met jullie te delen!

    July 4, 2015

    Snapshot recap: April to June.

    It's been a while since I last shared my month in picture but I'm back! And here's a little overview of the last three months' highlights.

    1. There's this wine called Santa Inez. True story. // 2. I was cleaning out my closet and realised I had way too many shoes. Still decided to only toss one pair :D // 3. Boyfriend and I made dinner + strawberry margaritas // 4. Ice cream at work; Can it get any better? (yes, ice cream and no work!) // 5. Somehow, I got this massive bruise on my thigh // 6. I went to see a hypnosis show from Patrick Pickart with the boyfriend and his friends. Freakiest thing ever. I saw my friends getting hypnotized and doing the weirdest things. Pretending they're on a motor cycle, forgetting their names, forgetting numbers. If you ever get the chance, please go see one of these shows! // 7. I got a Polaroid from my parent's in law and it finally works! // 8. My lovely colleague made some cupcakes (again) 
    9. The boyfriend and I went to Lille (France) for the weekend // 10. and took a (weird) selfie with the rhinos in Lille Zoo // 11. My colleagues and I went on a city tour with another colleague who's a city guide as well. Very interesting! Been walking around in Antwerp for so many years and didn't notice so many wonderful things! // 12. The boyfriend and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary and still love each other very much // 13. Of course, we went out to dinner as well
    14. We went to Rotterdam (the Netherlands) for the weekend as well and took a selfie on the 'Erasmusbrug' // 15. We celebrated my birthday at the Sinksenfoor // 16. And my colleagues celebrated my birthday by decorating my desk.

    June 17, 2015

    24 before 25.

    Here it is: my new list of goals to achieve within the next year!

    In case it isn't clear;
    1. Dye my hair red. Because I've always wanted to be redhead. 
    2. Go on a citytrip to Prague or Budapest. 
    3. Buy only 5 (five!) clothing items the entire year. This is going to be t-o-u-g-h! I'm already struggling with it... which is why it's such a good goal to begin with. 
    4. Travel to a different continent. My trip to Argentina has already been booked! 
    5. Read 10 books. 
    6. Get driver's licence. It expires on September 11th so I can't postpone anymore. 
    7. Get in shape. Already subscriped to the local gym. 
    8. ... and hopefully lose 10 kg in the process 
    9. Participate in a Color Run. Because it looks like so much fun! 
    10. Write at least one blog post a week. 
    11. Go to a festival. 
    12. Buy a new bike. It's about time. 
    13. Celebrate my five-year anniversary with the boyfriend. 
    14. Go to Disneyland. I'm about to book my trip! 
    15. Try at least one photo DIY. 
    16. Go to Bocadero. It's a beach bar in Antwerp. I've been saying I want to go there for three years or so. It's time I finally went there too. 
    17. Donate to charity // do something good. 
    18. Make a scrapbook (or finish one) 
    19. Start with retirement saving (pensioensparen). Saving up for your retirement is a thing here in Belgium. It's best you start young because the way things are looking you're gonna need the money by the time you retire. So it's time to come up with a plan! 
    20. Go to an amusement park I've never been before. Bellewaerde, Walibi, ... ? 
    21. Go to a wellness facility. 
    22. Go to the opera. That probably makes me boring but I want to know what it's like, what kind of an experience it is. 
    23. Cook a three course dinner. 
    24. Start eating breakfast regularly.  
    Curious if I can make it? You can follow the progress I'm making on the page dedicated to these goals. 

    June 13, 2015

    23 before 24: recap.

    It's that time of year again. My birthday was last Wednesday and I've been busy coming up with a new list for next year. But let me first tell you which goals I completed (and didn't complete) last year:


    April 26, 2015

    Banana tartlets.

    Believe it or not, but I'm actually trying hard to post something else than updates of what I did in the past month. But it's sooooooo hard to find the time to cook something, take pictures of it ànd write down the recipe (I usually just go along as I'm baking and afterwards I can't remember how much flour I exactly added, if I added some milk or not, those kind of stuff). I actually made these banana tartles last year and only now have I found the time to share this delicious recipe with you guys. Apart from the dough, it's supereasy too! The boyfriend and I made this again for his birthday but instead of making different smaller pies we made 1 big one. So you can do whatever you want with it.. Whatever looks best to you!

    April 22, 2015


    1. First ice cream of the year! // 2. New watch. // 3. I got this colleague who really loves baking... I love her // 4. Pet Squirrel? // 5. Went swimming with the in-laws (in Centerparcs, only my favorite childhood vacation destination EVER) // 6. Post-swimming selfie with the boyfriend (#nomakeup #thatswhyIlooksocreepy) // 7. Sun is shining in my favorite street on my way to work // 8. Discovered this great new recipe (I will share later) // 9. Cutest boyfriend ever made me breakfast in bed // 10. My teddy bear, Eduard, saw it was good // 11. Fun surprise at work // 12. because we went to see 50 shades of grey with some colleagues // 13. and had a bite to eat afterwards... I really do have the most awesome colleagues // 14. Out with friends to a pop-up shop // 15. Fish for lunch.

    March 18, 2015

    Croque Inez

    A while back, I had a day off from work and I had it all to myself since the boyfriend had to work. The perfect time to experiment with food because there's no one there to see me fail if it all goes horribly wrong. That's when I came up with this 'Croque Inez' (for lack of a better name).

    croque Inez

    Most of you probably know the classic Croque Monsieur and its variants (croque madame, hawaï, ...) which I adore but sometimes you just want something different. Inspired by a delicious bagel I ate once at Jackie's Bagel bar, I came up with my own version of this classic. Arugula, pesto, bacon and mozzarella are the key ingredients of this toast. And pine nuts of course, they were the reason I invented this croque in the first place.

    March 11, 2015

    January + February.

    1.  Celebrating that we booked our vacation to ARGENTINA! Yeah, we did! // 2. Baked a chicken pot pie with the boyfriend // 3. Boyfriend went shopping at Starbucks. Because we're such hipsters // 4. My colleauges trying to take pictures of snow // 5. Cookie Dough Cupcakes!! // 6. Went to the movies to see 'Into the Woods'. Gotta love Disney// 7. Breakfast at Grand Cafe De Singel // 8. Waiting for the boyfriend at the train station // 9. We went to a concert of the Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band // 10. ... At de Roma in Antwerp. Such a beautiful location // 11. Baking (s')more cupcakes for my lovely colleagues // 12. Carnaval! // 13. Valentine's Day Dinner // 14. Valentine's Day present: the boyfriend got me flowers! // 15. Finally, the Boyfriend and I spent some quality time in Bruges. Beautiful city.

    January 24, 2015

    Lisboa. /3

    Suddenly it dawned on me that I hadn't shared the pictures of the last day of our trip to Lisbon. So with a little (a lot) delay, here are the last pictures:
    Lisbon skyline

    January 21, 2015


    I know, I know, first I say the only thing I want to commit to this year is to spend more time here, on my blog, and then I go and disappear for two-three weeks. Not exactly what you would expect. But I'm here now and I'm all excited to tell you about what I did in December. It was a very christmassy month... And I loved it!
    1. I gave blood (together with the boyfriend + the in-laws) // 2. Studying for my French exam.. Just like old times // 3. Sinterklaas has come to work... // 4. and at home! // 5. Went out to eat tapas with my highschool friends // 6. Being crazy with the boyfriend #wewokeuplikethat // 7. Dinner of the month; fish burgers // 8. Sneeky selfie from the boyfriend // 9. INSIDE a christmas tree in the mall / 10. Went to a christmas fair in Oberhausen and saw a huge Lego store // 11. Super cute store window (I love disney) // 12. I also went to a christmas fair in Brussels with the boyfriend and saw a cool light show... // 13. and our national symbol: Manneke Pis! (first time for the boyfriend) ... // 14. and the most awesome merry-go-round... // 15. and took more selfies with the boyfriend // 16. We eventually finished the month with baking some goodies: poffertjes!

    January 3, 2015


    First of all, a Happy New Year, everyone! I wish you all the best for 2015, may all your wishes come true. Unfortunately, the holiday season is now officially over (well, for most people, the Boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow so I still have one last party to go). I hope you all enjoyed cosy family dinners, crazy party nights with friends and got lots of lovely presents.
    I'm not going to bore you with all of my resolutions for the new year since I still have half a birthday bucket list to complete and well, I always give up my new year's resolutions before February has begun. No, I decided that from now on, my birthday is the day I set new goals for myself which takes the pressure of January. No dieting or sports for me this year. The only thing I've told myself to do is spent more time on this little webpage of mine here. But first let's see if I'll make it to February.