March 18, 2015

Croque Inez

A while back, I had a day off from work and I had it all to myself since the boyfriend had to work. The perfect time to experiment with food because there's no one there to see me fail if it all goes horribly wrong. That's when I came up with this 'Croque Inez' (for lack of a better name).

croque Inez

Most of you probably know the classic Croque Monsieur and its variants (croque madame, hawaï, ...) which I adore but sometimes you just want something different. Inspired by a delicious bagel I ate once at Jackie's Bagel bar, I came up with my own version of this classic. Arugula, pesto, bacon and mozzarella are the key ingredients of this toast. And pine nuts of course, they were the reason I invented this croque in the first place.

March 11, 2015

January + February.

1.  Celebrating that we booked our vacation to ARGENTINA! Yeah, we did! // 2. Baked a chicken pot pie with the boyfriend // 3. Boyfriend went shopping at Starbucks. Because we're such hipsters // 4. My colleauges trying to take pictures of snow // 5. Cookie Dough Cupcakes!! // 6. Went to the movies to see 'Into the Woods'. Gotta love Disney// 7. Breakfast at Grand Cafe De Singel // 8. Waiting for the boyfriend at the train station // 9. We went to a concert of the Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band // 10. ... At de Roma in Antwerp. Such a beautiful location // 11. Baking (s')more cupcakes for my lovely colleagues // 12. Carnaval! // 13. Valentine's Day Dinner // 14. Valentine's Day present: the boyfriend got me flowers! // 15. Finally, the Boyfriend and I spent some quality time in Bruges. Beautiful city.