December 31, 2013

New Year's resolutions.

It's been a busy couple of days lately, with all these parties to attend. Tonight is probably the last one in the series, so enjoy it while you can. At least for me, it means that I can return to a normal studying schedule (unfortunately). Anyway, I hope you have a blast tonight and that you won't be too hungover later to celebrate with your family tomorrow! I'm pretty excited for 2014 and terrified as well because if it all goes to plan, this year will be a year of great changes for me. Normally, I will graduate (again) but for the last time and I will be done studying... which means I have to start looking for a job. A real one, like the grown ups have. I'm terrified just thinking about it! But anyway, that's for later this year! Right now, I'm focusing on my new year's resolutions which I'll probably have forgotten about around the end of January. Although I must say that I did pretty good on last year's resolutions!

What are your resolutions for the upcoming year?

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