November 19, 2014


I've seen this posts on other blogs and always loved the concept, so I thought I'd give it a try myself.
So, I'm currently:

  • Reading: Gone Girl from Gillian Flynn. Maybe you've seen the movie which is in movie theatres now. Don't spoil the end yet! I'm not even halfway. Small recap: the book (and film obviously) is about a woman who goes missing on the day of her 5th anniversary. So far, it's all very mysterious but people are getting suspicious of the husband.
  • Watching: the 7th season of Castle. God, I love those series. Funny, exciting, entertaining. And who doesn't love Caskett?
  • Learning: French. My job turns out to be the perfect learning school and combined with the French class I'm taking, I must be making progress. I still have to find the courage to actually talk it out loud though. It's super scary talking in a language you don't master, especially to a native speaker. Keep on practicing!
  • Loving: petit-beurre pie. Such a shame I didn't take a picture to share the recipe on the blog. But I will later. Man, new favorite pie of the moment. So delicously good and easy. No baking involved at all. Are you drooling yet?

  • Looking forward to: Friday! Not because the working week is done (that too of course) but because I planned a day out with the bf. On the 20th, we're celebrating our 3,5 year anniversary (woop, woop) and we wanted to do something special. We don't have any concrete plans yet, but those are the best dates!
  • Wearing: my new bunny-onesie. I've been wearing it non stop. SO COMFY!

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