June 13, 2015

23 before 24: recap.

It's that time of year again. My birthday was last Wednesday and I've been busy coming up with a new list for next year. But let me first tell you which goals I completed (and didn't complete) last year:


  1. Lose 5kg
    This goal failed miserably. Instead of losing 5kg, I gained 5…. Which makes my new goal of course to lose 10 kg. I'm already working on it, and you'll see this coming back on my 24 before 25-list as well.
  2. Run 5km in 30minutes
    As I gained 5kg, you can probably guess that I didn't achieve this one either. I'll admit; I got lazy. With all these evening classes on my plate I stopped doing sports (except for yoga). I don't know how but somehow I'm going to make time for sports again (although I hate doing sports). I'll have to get in shape again.
  3. Get driver's licence
    I keep on postponing this one. Matters are getting quite urgent now.. I only have two more months before it expires so I'll better make an appointment immediately!
  4.  Analogue photography
    I'm always saving my analogue pictures for special occasions. But let's face it: there aren't as much special occasions in my life as I would like to have. The consequence being that analogue pictures are almost never taken. However, I just finished a roll of one of my three analogue camera's. So maybe it's semi-completed?
  5. Go play squash
    Nope, never happened. I still really want to try squash though.  
  6. Go picknicking
    I can't remember if I completed this one. I think not, so I've put it on this list ;)
  7. Go to Disneyland
    Well, not yet. The boyfriend and I are definitely planning on going next year but we just never seem to find a date. For Christmas, we got a trip as a present from my parents so now we'll have to find a date. It's definitely going to happen next year. It HAS TO!
  8. Meet up with friends more often
    Being graduated and having most of my friends living more than an hour away, makes it pretty hard to meet up with. Even with my high school friends who live much closer, it's hard to find a date that works for everyone with half of them still studying and the other half already working. Luckily, I also made new friends at work with which I do a lot of fun stuff too. Hopefully, I can enjoy a lot more of that next year!
  9. Print out more photos
    Nope. Didn't print anything, I believe.
  10. Go on a girlfriend weekend
    As you can see from point 8; not as easy to plan as you would think.


Now on to better news, I achieved more goals than last year (wooptiedoo!) and these are the ones:

  1. Find a job
    Check! I actually found a job quite quickly. Just after a month of starting looking for one I got a temporary job with Van Breda International. In the meantime, they've changed names to Cigna and offered me a permanent contract. Which I gladly accepted.
  2. Get teacher diploma
    Got the diploma but absolutely hated to be a teacher (I blame the other teachers, such dickheads, most of them anyway)
  3.  See Cinque Terre!
    I did! I'll have to admit that I pictured it more beautiful in my head but still.. Such a cute and colorful scenery!
  4. Get manicure
    done. not much to say about it.
  5. Save (more) money.
    Completed as well. My goal was to save up 1000 Euro (not setting bar too high) and finding a job was really helpful for this
  6. Take lessons in something
    I took French classes and cooking lessons. If I could, I would have done more but just having these two, combined with yoga filled up my week pretty good!
  7. Go to an amusement park
    For a while, I thought this wasn't going to happen anymore. But then the firm I work for decided to have its family day in Bobbejaanland. So at the last minute, I squeezed this amusement park in.
  8. Clean out my closet
    I did quite some time ago. By now, it should actually be cleaned out again. I keep buying too much clothes.
  9. Donate blood
    I'm proud to say that I have become a regular donor now!
  10. Do yoga again
    I already mentioned it earlier but yes, I'm so happy doing yoga again. It's the perfect sport for me. Not too labor intensive but just intensive enough to have a bit of a work out.
  11. Bake lots of goodies
    I baked lots of things this year. Unfortunately not all featured on the blog, but some things went horribly wrong as well. Just a couple of things I baked this year: a cookie dough/brownie pie, oatmeal cookies, a regular cookie dough pie, brownie cupcakes, banana tartles, 's mores cupcakes, cookie dough/brownie cookies (I love cookie dough, have you noticed?)
  12. Read 8 books
    I read even more! I got hooked on the Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy. Boy, I loved those books. A quick summary of the books I've read in the past year:
    • And the mountains echoed - Khaled Hosseini 
    • Inferno - Dan Brown
    •  The fault in our stars - John Green 
    • Chanel Chic - Laura Weisberger
    • Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn 
    • The girl with the dragon tattoo - Stieg Larsson 
    • The girl who played with fire - Stieg Larsson 
    • The girl who kicked the hornet's nest - Stieg Larsson 
    • The Rosie Project - Graeme Simson 
    • I escaped from Auschwitz - Rudi Vrba
  13. Celebrate my birthday properly for the first time EVER!
    I took a day off of work and had the best time with the boyfriend. Not studying = partying!

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