September 11, 2015

5 blog posts that will help me improve my blog.

I originally wanted to call this post '5 blog posts that helped me improve my blog'. Until I realized I had only 9 followers so I wouldn't call my blog exactly 'a success'. Which doesn't mean that it can't be... you know, one day.
Anyway, lately I've stumbled upon a lot of very useful blog posts that will help me improve this blog because well... they educate me. I didn't even know there was a thing called 'SEO' or 'CSS'. And man, Google Analytics is still rocket science to me. But not for long, because with these blog posts, my blog can only improve... There's no way but up!

1. 5 quick SEO tips for bloggers

Like I said, I didn't really knew what SEO was (it's Search Engine Optimalisation... if you're wondering; yes, I had to google it... again) let along that I used it on this blog. I still don't use all these tips often enough, I think but I do try to repeat my blog title in the introduction, give a name to the photos I use. Small things that will hopefully make a difference.

2. Google Analytics Tutorial

I only use Google Analytics for a couple of months... and I'm lost. I really feel like someone should explain everything to me. Just sit down with me and explain every graphic, every dot and every table to me because really... what is it all about? This blog post of Helen in Between at least gave me some perspective on what is happening and how to interpret the different numbers that you get, which reports are useful, etc. . Not that I'm an expert now, I still need to go back to this post often and I still need to google lots of things but the base is here, I believe.

3. Maintaining a low bounce rate

You can imagine that if I didn't know what SEO was, than I never heard of a bounce rate until I opened google analytics. This, people, is one thing I understand from GA: the bounce rate should be as low as possible. In this blog post it's clearly explained why and you get some tips on how to get your bounce rate down.

4. Photography tips for food bloggers

I wouldn't call myself a food blogger but it is one of my main hobbies. Since I live back home with my parents, this side of my blog got somewhere in the back but once I find the time and opportunity again, I'd love to feature more food related posts here. Of course, your food has to look at least as good as it tastes and this is exactly what I'm struggling with. I'm no photographer, not at all but I do love taking pictures! The only problem is: I don't know what to look for or how to use my camera properly. So I have lots of posts saved somewhere which are all related to photography (not just food) which can be useful one day. As food to me is an important part of this blog, I already bookmarked these tips for the future.

5. A new related posts gallery for Blogger

Of course, in order to have successful blog you need to know something about HTML and CSS. You probably hear me coming but... I don't. Every feature that's not standard on Blogger (or maybe is but I just don't know about it), I got from this website: Code it Pretty. The related posts gallery that you see below? Got it here. The icons to my pinterest page, instagram, mail address? Got them here. Really, for an amature like me, this sight is SO helpful.

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