November 3, 2015

September + October.

As I spent almost the entire month of September in Argentina, I thought I'd also include October in this months' overview to not go overboard with pictures of Argentina. So here's an overview of what I did in Argentina and how I settled back in upon my return.

1. Everything alrighty in Buenos Aires, just sending a little pictures to ease my parents' mind // 2. In Salta, they had huge daiquiri's // 3. And I saw the most beautiful waterfalls of my life // 4. Some quality time before a rafting trip // 5. First day back at work; preparing for our team event (a murder dinner) and eating theme appropriate cupcakes // 6. I also got to dress up like a 20s flapper girl // 7. We also went to a wedding and I had fun with my sisters-in-law // 8. And one of them snatched this photo of the Boyfriend and I // 9. The Boyfriend and I also tried a new restaurant in Antwerp and absolutely loved everything we ate. Be sure to check out the Felix Pakhuis! // 10. I discovered Coffeelovers in Maastricht; such a beautiful location // 11. Flashback: doing homework again // 12. I went to a Fall Out Boy concert // 13. Breakfast @Charlies (also in Antwerp) // 14. The bf and I made some delicious pana cotta // 15. AND nachos! Hmmm... nachos

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