February 6, 2016


Jup, jup, it's time for another overview of what I've done in January. It's been a very busy but a very good month! Let's have a look, shall we?

1. This was a picture taken in December but I only received it in January. These are my lovely colleagues and myself at work and in holiday mode (pssst, do you recognize Stephanie?) // 2. Fisheye selfie at the New Years' family dinner // 3. The boyfriend celebrated his 25th birthday! We made the pie ourselves // 4. To celebrate his birthday, we both took a day off from work and I planned a surprise day for him. We started with a great breakfast @Grand cafe Horta in Antwerp // 5. We walked across the city and ended up @Wasbar, they're going to see lots of us in the future, I'm sure! // 6. We also went to the Zoo, where I took this awesome selfie with a pinguin // 7. ... and saw big kitties! // 8. to end the day in style, we went to SIPS. The boyfriend is crazy about gin tonic and someone tipped me that this bar had the best in town. I'm not sure because I don't like GT but the caipiroska was a-ma-zing // 9. I've always wanted to have a pet tiger but because of incomprehensible reasons, you're not allowed to keep them as a pet so I toned down my wishes and have been nagging my parents for a cat ever since. I never got one but then, one day, this little cutie showed up at our doorstep and refused to leave... Even when we did our best to find his way home again. // 10. We became best friends right away // 11. After visiting the Landencocktail from Joker, we indulged ourselves and went to McDonalds. (the Gourmet burger is reallyyyyy good!) // 12. They played Music & Lyrics on tv and I have this running gag about it with my friend so I had to send her a snapchat // 13. Baking is not without risks, I'll tell ya! Looks worse than it is though ;) // 14. Told ya we became best friends! If I wasn't a catperson already, I definitely became one // 15. Okay, last picture, I promise! (for this month at least) But look at how cute he is! Yeah, we decided to keep him. His name is Fons and I'm sure you're going to see a lot more of him here from now on. 

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