August 10, 2013

Mint sugar.

Adding flavour to sugar isn't something new. You probably have many different recipes of different kinds of flavoured sugar but I just wanted to share my favourite with you. I think mint is one of the best herbs out there and this is a great way to incorporate it in more dishes.
And it's really easy too! All you need is a mudler, a couple of mint leaves and some sugar. The exact measurements depend on your taste, so just give it a go and add more mint leaves or sugar along the way.
Muddle the leaves and sugar in a mudler and try to get rid of as much of the sprigs you can. Basically, you're done now. Yes, it's actually this easy. But I always spread out all of the sugar out on a baking tray and let it dry over night. This way you can store your sugar longer. But it's really great when you've just made it too, so it's up to you!

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