August 7, 2013


The boyfriend has found a job! His first real job, by the way. No student or holiday work, but an actual, for real, everyday job. And that is great of course but it all happened a little sooner than expected. Which is why we needed to squeeze all the things we wanted to do this summer into the few days of vacation we had left together. One of those things was going to the seaside together (which has become a summer tradition of us). We tagged along with my parents and had an amazing day.
Looks like a scenery from a post card, doesn't it?
One of the great things about living in Belgium is that you don't have to drive that far to visit the sea. Which is why it's so easy to go back every year. We go ones a year and it's the perfect place to destress and relax a bit. Just sitting on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves and the sea gulls can be very soothing. That is when there are not too many tourists around. There's nothing worse than a crowded beach, in my opinion. We got lucky and had the place to ourselves. It was amazing and I'm already looking forward to next year.

the boyfriend chasing some sea gulls

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