January 4, 2014


1. Tried my first chai latte. Didn't like it // 2. Getting everything ready for Sinterklaas's arrival // 3. Watching the sunrise // 4. He came! AND he brought me presents... THANK YOU, SINTERKLAAS! // 5. Eating one of our souvenirs (de-li-cious) // 6. Decorating the Christmas tree! It's that time of year again! // 7. Drinking with friends // 8. On a date with the boyfriend... // 9. ... and on our way back home we saw the coca cola Christmas truck! Holidays are coming (singing) // 10. Lovely quote at the train station (I've got nothing to say except that I love you) // 11. Trying my first Starbucks coffee // 12. Last yoga lesson of the year // 13. Smoothies are still the best: orange + strawberries // 14. Experimenting with nail art for the holidays.. Still got lots of practising to do // 15. Presents under the Christmas tree // 16. I know the holidays have past by the time this post is published, but when I'm writing this Christmas and new year's are still to come so: Happy Holidays, everyone!

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