May 8, 2014

Things I'm loving lately

What I love about blogs is that you are able to discover what other people like and in doing so you might discover something you really like. That's probably why I love the blog features where links are shared the most. And then it hit me: I never actually shared the things I like myself. So here it is: a few things I've been loving lately, maybe you will too!

1. I have to take a road trip through America one day.
2. Love this hair style! Never thought of using bobby pins that way.
3. Cookie dough AND brownies? Best idea EVER!
4. Had a good laugh with this article about how to piss of a Belgian. So true!
5. Strawberry kiwi margarita? Count me in!
6. Sugar Scrub Cubes. Genious.
7. This post about mont juïc got me all in the mood to go to Barcelona again.
8. Edible flowers ice cubes. So so pretty!

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