July 2, 2014


This is what my month has been like. You'll probably notice a few football/soccer (whatever you like to call it, I personally call it 'sjotten') pictures in there. I always thought hell would freeze over before I would cheer on any football team but look at me: our national team's number 1 fan!
1. The weather has been great to us // 2. Deciding on which outfits to bring to Italy // 3. Celebrated my birthday with a trip to Antwerp and found all these birthday cards in UO // 4. Also celebrated the end of my internship // 5. Birthday cake // 6. Studying // 7. Reading to relax // 8. Walking through Leuven with the Boyfriend to one of our favourite places // 9. Sinksenfoor // 10. Go, Belgium, go! // 11. More studying // 12. Lighting a candle for our national football team... // 13. ... which worked! WE WON !! // 14. Nail polish // 15. Went to a Rolling Stones Concert // 16. I won an app! For the first time ever I actually won something!!

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