January 21, 2015


I know, I know, first I say the only thing I want to commit to this year is to spend more time here, on my blog, and then I go and disappear for two-three weeks. Not exactly what you would expect. But I'm here now and I'm all excited to tell you about what I did in December. It was a very christmassy month... And I loved it!
1. I gave blood (together with the boyfriend + the in-laws) // 2. Studying for my French exam.. Just like old times // 3. Sinterklaas has come to work... // 4. and at home! // 5. Went out to eat tapas with my highschool friends // 6. Being crazy with the boyfriend #wewokeuplikethat // 7. Dinner of the month; fish burgers // 8. Sneeky selfie from the boyfriend // 9. INSIDE a christmas tree in the mall / 10. Went to a christmas fair in Oberhausen and saw a huge Lego store // 11. Super cute store window (I love disney) // 12. I also went to a christmas fair in Brussels with the boyfriend and saw a cool light show... // 13. and our national symbol: Manneke Pis! (first time for the boyfriend) ... // 14. and the most awesome merry-go-round... // 15. and took more selfies with the boyfriend // 16. We eventually finished the month with baking some goodies: poffertjes!

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