January 24, 2015

Lisboa. /3

Suddenly it dawned on me that I hadn't shared the pictures of the last day of our trip to Lisbon. So with a little (a lot) delay, here are the last pictures:
Lisbon skyline
Miradouro da Graca
Conserveira de Lisboa
Lisbon is known for its sardines and the fish in general. Of course, this is always best fresh - and boy, do you have a variety to choose from in Lisbon! - but we all need a souvenir to bring home. As I'm a big food lover, I chose a few cans from the 'Conserveira de Lisboa'. They sell all kinds of fish in cans here and now that I've tasted them at home, I can honestly say they are of a very good quality. So so sooooooo good! The cans we have here in Belgium are nothing compared to this deliciousness.
Comic book wall
This is definitely a must do when in Lisbon: the Telecabines. The price is reasonable, the feeling indescribable and the view spectacular (especially with the most beautiful sunset). Just do it.


  1. Waauw, mooie beelden zeg, lijkt me echt een geweldige bestemming.

    1. Dat is het zeker! Een aanrader voor een leuke citytrip :)