July 4, 2015

Snapshot recap: April to June.

It's been a while since I last shared my month in picture but I'm back! And here's a little overview of the last three months' highlights.

1. There's this wine called Santa Inez. True story. // 2. I was cleaning out my closet and realised I had way too many shoes. Still decided to only toss one pair :D // 3. Boyfriend and I made dinner + strawberry margaritas // 4. Ice cream at work; Can it get any better? (yes, ice cream and no work!) // 5. Somehow, I got this massive bruise on my thigh // 6. I went to see a hypnosis show from Patrick Pickart with the boyfriend and his friends. Freakiest thing ever. I saw my friends getting hypnotized and doing the weirdest things. Pretending they're on a motor cycle, forgetting their names, forgetting numbers. If you ever get the chance, please go see one of these shows! // 7. I got a Polaroid from my parent's in law and it finally works! // 8. My lovely colleague made some cupcakes (again) 
9. The boyfriend and I went to Lille (France) for the weekend // 10. and took a (weird) selfie with the rhinos in Lille Zoo // 11. My colleagues and I went on a city tour with another colleague who's a city guide as well. Very interesting! Been walking around in Antwerp for so many years and didn't notice so many wonderful things! // 12. The boyfriend and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary and still love each other very much // 13. Of course, we went out to dinner as well
14. We went to Rotterdam (the Netherlands) for the weekend as well and took a selfie on the 'Erasmusbrug' // 15. We celebrated my birthday at the Sinksenfoor // 16. And my colleagues celebrated my birthday by decorating my desk.

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