August 19, 2015

5 top attractions at Disneyland Resort Paris

Disneyland paris

So, I just came back from a magical weekend at Disneyland Resort Paris. You might not know me that well but one thing you should know is that I'm a total Disney fan. Seriously, I have all the movies (still on video though), all the classic Disney songs on my iPod and I'm proud to say I can sing along with every single one of them. You can imagine that my trip to Disneyland was like a trip straight to heaven for me! Because it was such an amazing experience, I've got lots of things to tell and pictures to show you but I won't bore you with that (because trust me, once I get started, I just keep on rambling for 3 pages). Instead, I thought I'd share my top 5 attractions at Disneyland Paris in order to keep the rambling limited to an absolute minimum.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Hollywood Tower Hotel)

The first - and up until now only - time I went to Disneyland was 18 years ago (am I really thàt old?!). The second park, the Studio's, didn't even exist yet. So this park and its attractions were completely new to me. When entering the park, and even before entering, the Hollywood Tower Hotel immediately draws your attention. Not sure what to expect, but you know it's going to be spooky. Man, don't you ever take your 7-year-old niece/nephew/brother/sister into this attraction unless they like shitting their pants. I saw some parents make that mistake and it was always a cry-fest afterwards. I won't give away the whole story but the graphics are amazing, you really feel like you can see ghosts and the fall down is... exhilarating. Really. I loved it!

Ratatouille: The Adventure

Speaking of amazing graphics, the Ratatouille attraction really tops it all. The thought behind it is that you're a rat, following along with Rémy, the star of Ratatouille. You go into the kitchen, get chased by the cook and flee into the mice/rat wholes in the walls. It feels like you're really there. As if the cook grabs you with his hand or that you are right under the stove. I always wonder how your mind can so easily be fooled by such great graphics. You almost jump away when a cork pops into your face, although you know that it's only TV!

Rock 'n Roller Coaster (starring Aerosmith)

We were lucky we didn't have to wait in line too long for this one. If we had, I think I would have changed my mind and returned. While waiting in line, you can see the other persons in front of you getting shot into a dark hole. And when I say shot, I mean shot. It's like you're being fired by a catapult or something. It goes so incredibly fast. I cried the entire time, not because I was scared (okay, maybe a little bit) but because of the wind in my eyes. At the same time, an Aerosmith song blasts through the speakers near your head which makes the entire experience even weirder. If you like roller coasters, this is the ultimate one, I think... or at least one of the fastest.

Big Thunder Mountain

I was first doubting whether I would go for this one or for the Indiana Jones roller coaster. But I figured this was really a symbol of Disneyland Paris. It's the train that you see on a lot of the Disneyland commercials on television so it couldn't not make this list. Plus, it's really fun too! The Big Thunder Mountain is open quite late as well so the Boyfriend and I went on it when it was already dark. You should really do so as well, it makes the ride so much more exciting and you just don't see which way the train is going to go (left? right? up? down?).

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

And of course, the ULTIMATE Disney symbol and attraction: a visit to the baby pink castle of Sleeping Beauty. Like I said, I'm a total Disney FAN... All the way! Weirdly enough, I'm totally not a kid person. I mentally still am one, and I believe that is the reason that I don't get along with most children. They just don't accept me in their club. Plus, I take advantage of my size as well. I'm not too shy to push some of those little brats out of my way (don't get me wrong, I try to be as friendly as I can but some kids just get my blood pumping... The attitude of some children nowadays, it's terrible! ... Okay, now I sound old). Anyway, you can't go to Disneyland and not visit the pink castle. It's just not possible! EVERYONE needs to have been in there... Otherwise you haven't really been to Disneyland... That's just how it is!

Disneyland paris

Okay, I can't control the rambling... Disneyland has so many awesome attractions that I want to mention these ones as well: Crush's Coaster (FUN!), Space Mountain 2, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Aladdin's Agraba (it really looks like Agraba!!), the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction (fun fact; we were evacuated out of this one), Peter Pan's Flight, Alice's curious Labyrinth, ... . You can check them all out here if you like. 

Unfortunately, I don't have any photographs of the attractions themselves. While being in a roller coaster I didn't really have the time to take any pictures... I was too busy screaming my lungs out.

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