December 12, 2015


november 2015

1. Ran into Mr Grey at the Boekenbeurs. There are worse things in life // 2. Shopping trip to Eindhoven and found this cool street art // 3. I - of course - went to Primark and saw this cosy sweater of 'Stampertje'.. I had to take a picture for one of my colleagues because she's obsessed with it // 4. On my way to Gent... // 5. ... for a reunion with my Argentine-travel mates. Of course, we ate Argentinian steak // 6. Food truck festival @Felixpakhuis... // 7. ...where I saw these beautiful edible flowers // 8. My colleague and I had our one year facebook anniversary// 9. That same colleague started her own blog by the way, so be sure to check it out! Seriously, she bakes the most delicious food. I would know, I have often been one of her guinea pigs // 10. for some reason she also bought me these little mojito chocolates (because she knows I love mojito)... Isn't she the best? One more reason to check out her blog! // 11. I drank an 'advocaat' coffee for the first time.. WOW! I think I left drunk // 12. I also made tomato soup with meatballs (recipe will follow later) // 13. Trip to IKEA! After which, I started hoarding clothes hangers // 14. Breakfast with my girlfriends! // 15. Sitting cosy by the fire (which I made myself!) on a rainy Sunday afternoon. What more do you need?

And what have you been up to lately?


  1. Oh die trui met stampertje is de max :D

    1. 't is dat ik al een konijn-onesie had, anders had ik dat sowieso meegenomen :D