March 5, 2016


February always is a short month (although one day longer this year!) and on top of that, I was ill for about two weeks as well. In other words, I don't have much to tell/share about this month except that I've been sick... and cute cat pictures too, of course. 
February 2016 overview snapshots
1. The month started pretty good with breakfast (and a shopping day) in Eindhoven // 2. ooooh... Look at how cute he is!! // 3. Yep, it was that time of year again! CARNAVAL! I dressed up as a roaring twenties gal // 4. A week later I was sick though... The flu // 5. Luckily, I had Fons to comfort me/stand by my side through all the pain // 6. Being sick has its perks too: I reached my goal to lose 10kg.. In the meantime I've gained 2 kg again but at least I reached it briefly // 7. This picture proofs I was really sick (it's okay if you think I look ugly... that's because I do) but that wasn't going to stop me from taking cute cat selfies! We slept like this for the rest of the afternoon // 8. When I got better, I started baking again: pasteis de nata! (still perfecting the recipe) // 9. and I ended the month same way I started it: with breakfast! My grandfather turned 80 and he celebrated by taking us out for a very (VERY) royal breakfast... Man, best breakfast ever/so far.

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  1. Look at that cute cat picture! :D & please stop losing weight, it's other people's turn ok ? :D Don't make me put cheries on your desk woman!!