March 20, 2016

How I met my cat.

Already in the beginning of my blog, I briefly shared my desire to own a pet tiger. Unfortunately, the dream never became reality because my parents thought it would be too much of a hassle and well, it's illegal and stuff. Anyway, I'm a tough cookie, whenever I got something on my mind, I don't change it that easily but of course, I'm no criminal either so I toned down my wishes too. So, for the past couple of years I've been dreaming of a cat with tiger stripes. My parents still wouldn't cooperate with me even after this huge compromise I made but what's to say? I live in their house, eat their food and use their money so if they decide not to have a cat, there's not much I can do.

But then... Out of nowhere, this handsome man walked into my life... and I just couldn't let him go anymore. How did I persuade my parents to keep him? Well, let me tell you the story of how I met my cat.
Last year's holiday season wasn't the best time for our family. Unfortunately, my grandfather was hospitalized for more than a month at that point so we had to celebrate Christmas and New Year in the hospital. My uncle only lives a few houses next to ours so my mom often walked over there after a visit to the hospital to give him the latest update on my grandfather's status and about who would drive my grandmother to the hospital the next day. One Sunday afternoon, after going to my uncle's house, she came back home and this little cutiepie of a cat followed her home. Of course, I fell in love with him immediately and I rushed to get my coat and go sit with him outside. He was such a sweetheart, came cuddling right away and oh.. he was just so freaking cute! Up until this point, my parents hadn't changed their mind yet about the cat and asked/forced me to go back inside so the cat could go back from where he came. Hard as it was, I listened because maybe there was a loving cat owner waiting for this little cutie to get home and I wouldn't want to take that away from that person. But he just wouldn't leave. I tried ignoring him for a couple of hours but I could see him by the window and he looked so sad. So sad. So I got back outside and we cuddled and played for some time. Then, I tried going back inside and ignoring him again but he started meowing at our door and it was just so heartbreaking. I tried to be strong and kept ignoring him but soon, it was dark outside and then, I just couldn't take it anymore. As we live near a busy road, I didn't want him wandering outside any longer. Who knows what would happen to him if he wandered off to that busy road? Luckily, my parents are only human too and they shared my opinion so they caved (... a little bit). They told me I could feed him some ham and give him some water and that he could stay in the garden house where we keep our bicycles and stuff. So I did, the poor thing was starved and ate the whole plate within 2 minutes or so.

After cuddling him goodnight, I locked him in our backyard and the next morning, after giving him some food, I let him loose to find his way home again. I do have to admit then when I left for work, I was kind of heartbroken that maybe, I wouldn't see him again when I got back home again. The entire day, all my thoughts were with this little fella and I was super nervous when I got back home again. To my surprise, as soon as I turned the corner to our backyard, he came running towards me. Seriously, it was the cutest thing I ever saw. My father is always the first one to get home but he said the cat didn't came running to him. It was really when he saw me that he came running down the yard. That totally made my day. We repeated the same thing for a couple of days, but the cat always came back to us. And then, after two days or so, it started to get colder... freezing actually. My mom luckily decided we couldn't lock him in the garden house if it was freezing so she bought a bench for big dogs and we kept him inside for the night. And to be honest, he never left after that night.
Next step was to get him to the vet because he might be chipped and then we would be able to return him to his rightful owner. Again, I was super nervous about potentially having to give him away but he wasn't chipped and we've asked the vet whether she had any persons contacting her about a lost cat but nothing. I searched the Internet and social media but no one was looking for this cutie. By this time, two weeks had passed and my parents had fallen in love with him too. I knew they would, it was only a matter of time. So, we decided to keep him... happiest day of my life so far! I picked a name and called him Fons - I seriously considered naming him Rajah but it didn't feel right for some reason - and we started buying all necessary things and made an appointment with our vet again to get him castrated ànd chipped. And that's it... that's how I met Fons. He quickly became one of the most important men in my life and he's here to stay. It's crazy how quickly I was attached to him, how quickly I really fell in love with him. I honestly believe he's a happy cat now. He should be, we pamper him all the time!
Sometimes I do wonder whether there is an "original" owner of Fons, whether he had a home before. I think he did because we didn't have to learn him anything, he started using the litter box as if he had done so his entire life so he probably had a home before and lost his way. But we really looked for the owner, in different ways, and nobody came to pick him up. We waited two weeks and nobody claimed him. If I think about the things I would do if Fons ran away from home now; I would freaking cover the entire town with his picture, asking to get him back to me; I would go knock on every door asking whether they saw my precious Fons; I would go all the way to get him back to me. His previous owner didn't, they couldn't have or we would have found him, I'm sure of that. We tried really hard to get him back to his home but didn't succeed (not that I was sad about that). I really wanted to return him to the rightful owner even though I would have been heartbroken. Since his previous owner didn't do any efforts to get him back - or at least not that I know of -, I claimed him now. He officially is my cat now since his chip is wearing my name and that's how it's going to stay. I try not to think about any other people to whom he might have belonged to. I just think that they should have tried harder to find him and because they didn't, I now have the right to call him my own.
Don't you agree? (Please say yes!!)

What about you? Do you have any pets?

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