July 9, 2013


Ever since I made my 22 things before 23 checklist, I'm obsessed with making lists. Crossing of things I've accomplished or done really gives me satisfied feeling. Sometimes it are small things, like vacuum cleaning or going grocery shopping and sometimes it is something I've been working on for a long time, like finishing the Start to Run program (I did it!! Still need to train more to get to the 5km mark though: I'm a slow runner). And with my 22 before 23 list in mind, I've made a bucket list. A mini-bucket list, actually. I came up with 10 things I want to accomplish before I'm 30 or so: it's a long term project.
  1. Travel. This is definitely number 1 on the list. There are so many places I still want to see. I don't know if I'm ever going to have children - I'm still undecided - but if I do, I feel I have to do as much travelling as possible before I'm stuck here at home. I want to see America (I dream of going to New York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, ...) and I want to do road trips, to see Portugal and travel through France by car. Just me and my boyfriend. We'll have so much fun!
  2. Take photography lessons. You may have seen that I'm not the best photographer. I really want to become better though. I usually have a lot of things going on with school and all. I don't know if it will get any better once I'm actually working but I really do plan on taking photography lessons to become better. Or to at least know what each button means. 
  3. Learn to play the guitar (again). When I was 10 years old I started to learn to play the guitar. But unfortunately my teacher quit teaching after that first year and so did I. I always regretted that decision because I loved it so much. A couple of years ago, my parents gave me this super cool guitar for my birthday, but I just don't have the skills anymore. I've always promised myself that I would relearn everything so I could pretend to be a rock star again.
  4. Run 10 km. I'm still training to get to 5km but once that goal is accomplished I plan to set the bar a little higher and go to 10. 
  5. Sew my own dress. My mom has made several of my dresses before, but I want to do it myself one day. It seems so much fun and I love that it will be very unique.
  6. Live in the big city for at least a year (or longer). I grew up in the country and I've been living in a city for several years now. And although I love Leuven, it's not a "real" city in my opinion. During the week, it has this nice crowdy feeling (yet it's never too crowdy for some reason) but during the week ends, when all the students have gone back home it's like an abandoned city. No people anywhere. Not even the homeless. That's why I always dreamed of living in Antwerp. It's always crowdy (which I love for some reason), there's always something to do and it's closer to my parents too (= easier to visit). It's not New York, but it's the closest thing to it here in Belgium. If I ever plan to start a family I would return to good old Herenthout though!
  7. Take photoshop lessons. After I learn to take awesome pictures, I love to learn how to edit them properly too. Right now, I'm just fooling around with some free software I found on the internet and it's fine for now. But when I see other blog's pictures I always wonder how they get such good pictures. I aspire to be just as good one day.
  8. Find a job that I LOVE. I've always dreamed of doing something with writing. Well, always might be a little bit exagerated but I did always love writing. There were days that I dreamed of becoming an optician, a forensic doctor, a detective, a teacher and so much more. I eventually narrowed it down to "something in the media" (not in line of those other things, I know). And after (almost) finishing my studies, I believe that working in the media might be the perfect thing for me. Working with a magazine is my ultimate dream.
  9. Be a redhead for a while. I've been wanting to color my hair for 3 years now but everyone keeps telling me it's such a shame because I have this gorgeous blond hair. It's not that I don't like my natural hair color, I do, but I want to change it up a little. I once saw Ashlee Simpson with the most beautiful dark red hair color and decided that is what my hair should look like! All the comments have made me reluctant to try it but I'll take the plunge one day.
  10. Buy a cat. I realize that most people consider themselves to be a dog person or a cat person. I don't. I love both cats and dogs but if we're talking about what I would want to have in my house, I'd go for a cat. I don't really know why, perhaps because I strive to live the life of a cat once: being lazy, sleep most of the day and wake up only to eat. What a wonderful life! (or not?)

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