July 5, 2013

Grain pancakes with apple.

Call me crazy but I'm not a big fan of pancakes. Don't know why. Never have. I do like fibres and grains (probably the only healthy thing I like) and that's the reason I decided to try this pancake anyway. And am I glad I did! This is a healthy alternative to a regular pancake and believe it or not, it's made with cereal. I learned the recipe from my mom and I think she got it from Weigt Watchers, so it's pretty save to say that this is good for you. It might not look like a lot but believe me, one pancake really fills your stomach.

Ingredients (for 1 pancake)

  • 30 g of Kellog's All-Bran original cereal
  • 15 g all purpose flour
  • 85 g milk
  • 1 egg
  • half an apple, sliced
  • little bit of butter
  • cinnamon (optional)


  1. Mix the cereal, flour, milk and the egg in a bowl.
  2. Put a bit of butter in a hot pan and let it melt. Poor the mixture in the pan and bake your pancake. 
  3. Turn the pancake over and put the apple slices on top. If you want, you can bake the apples first but it's not necessary.
  4. When your pancake is done, finish off with a bit of cinnamon on top. I don't like cinnamon that much so I leave this step out but my mom loves it! And it's supposed to help you burn calories or something (it helps you loose weigt which, for us girls, is never a bad thing, right?) 

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