September 21, 2013

Crete /2

If you ever get tired of the beautiful sceneries in Crete - which I doubt, Crete has it all: sea, mountains, white beaches and palm trees - there are tons of other things you could do. The boyfriend and I decided to go to Knossos on our third day, an archaeological site dating from the Minoan era. We lucked out and found a Dutch guide who told us everything - or at least a lot - there is to know about Knossos.
We also went to Spili, to see an old Venetian fountain. It was absolutely beautiful. 19 lion heads squirt out the spring water and you are able to drink it - which we did. You can also take a 2km hike up to the mountain to see the spring but since we signed up for the Samaria Gorge, I decided that was enough hiking for 1 vacation. (I'll tell you more about the Samaria Gorge in another post).
Later, we drove on to Matala, an old hippie town. In the sixties, some hippies moved into the caves in the cliff at Matala - including Joni Mitchell - and you can still go in there and see how they lived back than. Because it was so hot that day, we refreshed ourselves in the water and called it a day. A very very beautiful day.

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