October 24, 2013

Chocolate milk.

The one thing I love most about the wheather turning colder and colder is that it's chocolate milk time again. I'm not trying to tell anyone how to make hot cocoa. I think the basics are pretty clear: some milk, some chocolate, maybe a little sugar, microwave for a couple of minutes and voila. You're done. I do have a secret ingredient though... Oh yes, I do! And because I don't want to exclude anyone from the richness it brings to a simple cocoa, I'll even tell you what it is... (Drum rolls, please)...
Instant pudding powder! So easy, I know. You just dissolve a bit of the powder (not too much, a tea spoon or so) in a bit of milk and when your chocolate milk starts boiling, you just pour it in!
Anyway, have you seen what a cute whipped cream heart I put on top? A while ago, I found this pin and I thought I could do it myself. Well, as you can see, I'm not that good at it. I spilled all over the place and it took me some serious effort to cut the frozen cream. But I'm really not the handy type either. So if you are, I recommand you try it yourself. It just makes your cocoa look so much cuter! And hot chocolate + whipped cream: who can say no to that?

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