February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day.

I think this might be the first year the Boyfriend and I did anything special for Valentine's Day. Here in Belgium it's not a huge thing like it is in other countries, I guess. It's not like in the movies... or it wasn't anyway. Because suddenly it seems like all kinds of American traditions have found their way here. Halloween, Valentine's Day, wedding traditions, ... we're all going along with it. Anyway, Valentine's Day is a thing here now, so the Boyfriend and I celebrated it. Because every reason to eat out is a good one in our opinion. We went to this delicious little tapas bar in the neighbourhood and had such a nice time. The food was amazing too. I mean, that has to be the best chicken I ever ate! I believe I could become a real fan of this new tradition. I definitely could.

P.S. I got my grades that day too. They were good!

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