August 6, 2014


Here's what I've been upto this month. I tried to tone down the Italy-pictures. You've probably seen enough of those in my Italy-posts already (and there's more to come!).
1. I graduated! And took a picture with the head of university (he's pretty famous in Belgium) // 2. Then I went to Italy and saw the Ponte Vecchio // 3. ... ate some pizza // 4. ... tested the ice cream // 5. ... saw some art // 6. and made some amazing, funny, sweet new friends // 7. I also saw these cool masks in San Gimignano // 8. And when I came back home I had lots of catching up to do (500+ blog posts to read: CHECK) // 9. I reached 10 followers (milestone; maybe a lame one but I couldn't be happier) // 10. Sfinks Festival // 11. Went to Antwerp for some fun // 12. and discovered new places
// 13. AND I went to Antwerp for business: the job hunt has begun! // 14. I still love the sight of the grand station in Antwerp // 15. And I've met a dinosaur there too!

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