September 2, 2015

Summer 2015.

If the plane hasn't crashed and I didn't get eaten by sharks, than I'm in Argentina at the moment (oh yeah!). This means that the best part of summer - for me - is happening at this very moment. Nevertheless, I already had a great summer so far... as you can see from the pictures below.
1. The Boyfriend's family was on vacation which meant we were home alone... so we had a little barbecue... // 2. ... with just the two of us. It was delicious // 3. A couple of days later, I made the Boyfriend's favourite dish: shrimp pasta and I experimented a little and added spinach (it was a success!) // 4. The Boyfriend and his brother... Aren't they cute? // 5. I went to Hapje Tapje in Leuven and could have desserts of the Werf again! yummie! // 6. A week later, I was back in Leuven and I got a little nostalgic. This is the university library. // 7. I met some friends at the Skybar in Antwerp ... // 8. ... where we had an awesome view over the city // 9. Our dinner afterwards. We ate a burger at Ellis // 10. One of my colleagues had a birthday and we got these homemade Oreo cupcakes // 11. Our lunch vouchers got traded in for an electronic version and my card is the coolest with these cherries on it // 12. Sunset at Disneyland Resort Paris // 13. Yes, I went to Disneyland Paris!! and this lady totally photo bombed my picture // 14. I comforted myself with this delicious hot chocolate. As you can see: I was in Disney mode // 15. Of course, I took a Disney selfie with the Boyfriend // 16. and back home, it was the annual fair which means: waffles!


  1. Wauw, leuke zomer gehad precies! Haha en zalig, uw kersenelektronischemaaltijdchequekaart ;)

    1. Haha ja, veel beter dan de bonenversie die de meeste van mijn collega's gekregen hebben :D