November 28, 2015

Christmas wishlist

Here in Belgium, Sinterklaas is coming next week on Sunday (at least if you've been good this year... but I know I have so no worries there). Only three weeks later it's Christmas as well, so the perfect time for making lists, I thought! Here's my Christmas wish list already;

1. Simply Nigella // 2. Baking thingy // 3. Baking tin // 4. Tripod // 5. IKEA giftcard

Since the Boyfriend and I are slowly thinking about moving in together (sometime in September/October of 2016), we're already starting to purchase small things like a little table or some decorations. You know, to spread the costs a little bit. Of course, we can't buy any of the big things yet until we know how big our apartment will be so therefore I chose a gift card of IKEA (that way we can spent that money later on bigger furniture) and on the other hand, I requested a lot of baking/cooking things. We'll need them eventually and they will already come in handy for my little 'cookbook'- project. 

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, wat spannend dat je gaat samenwonen! Leuk lijstje ook :D Ik moet nodig eens beginnen denken wat er op mijn lijstje moet, haha :D