January 9, 2016


1. Sinterklaas came to work // 2. The Boyfriend and I went to Düsseldorf, to the Weihnachtsmarkt! // 3. They had a Ferris wheel. In short, Düsseldorf is awesome! // 4. I also went to see Black, a movie about two gangs in Brussels and a forbidden love. I thought it was a great movie! // 5. With my colleagues, I went to the Kerstmarkt in Antwerp. Too bad that the weather wasn't as good // 6. My mom decorated our christmas tree beautifully // 7. Yes, another Kerstmarkt, this time with my friends of university in Leuven // 8. I also made Christmas cookies for my colleagues at work // 9. Together with Stephanie, who totally blew me away. I only baked cookies. She, on the other hand, made brownies, cupcakes (2 different kinds!) and baileys mousse. Oopsie // 10. I dyed my hair red. After talking about it for years, I finally did it. Yup yup.. After three weeks I'm still not sure whether I like it or not.. I don't hate it so that's something // 11. I made a Mexican pie // 12. My Christmas wall at work // 13. I had a reunion with my travel mates of Italy, we went on a city tour to Leuven // 14. Afterwards, the Boyfriend and I went to the Kerstmarkt (yes, again!) and ate a 'haute dog' at Würst. I wanted to go there for so long! The hot dog was delicious as well but kind of pricey for what it is in my opinion. // 15. The Boyfriend got me a fish eye clip on camera for my iPhone. My mother-in-law tested it immediately on us // 16. And due to some not so fun circumstances, our family Christmas dinner got canceled and we spent Christmas in the hospital... Therefore, we still had lots of presents under our tree on the 31st of December (we still have the presents by the way, only our Christmas tree has moved to the attic in the meantime).

What did you do during the holiday season?

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