June 9, 2013

22 things to do before 23

Tomorrow I turn 22, not really a mile stone age but hey, it's my birthday! I would probably love birthdays more if I didn't have to study every time (one of the perks of being born in June: there are always exams which you need to study for). But just one more year to go and I will be done studying (hopefully). Anyway, I saw these fun lists of goals for your next birthday turning up on different blogs I follow and I thought it would be fun to give it a try! It was actually harder than I thought to come up with 22 goals I want to accomplish in a year. So here it is: my 22 goals to accomplish before I turn 23:
  1. Get my first manicure. I actually have a gift box lying somewhere over here to get a professional manicure and I can't wait to use it! It will be my first.
  2. Get my driver's licence. Because yes: I'm 22 years old and I still don't have a driver's licence. Hopefully that will be different same time next year!
  3. Finish the Start to Run program/Run 5km. This is actually one of my new year's resolutions as well so I'm already training for it. The goal is to run 5km with the help of a podcast and someone encouraging you to keep on going!
  4. Make a scrapbook. Because I got all these pictures but nowhere to show them off except for my computer. I definitely need to print out more photos!
  5. Personalize one of my clothing items. My clothing style is pretty basic: not too much prints, plain colors, etc. I figured I could make at least one of these items a bit more interesting by giving it my own touch.
  6. Learn to sew. This might come in handy for number 5. Regardless, learning how to sew is on my list for quite some time now. Hopefully I actually get it done by next year.
  7. Get my diploma in Communication Sciences. Yup, in July I will be graduating! I'm planning on studying for an extra year to get a degree in teaching but if all goes to plan, I'll already be having my Master's diploma of Communication by this time next month! I still need to take 2 more exams before that happens though.
  8. Go on more dates. It's not that I don't spend much time with my boyfriend. I do, we see each other almost every day and that's a lot for a couple that's not even living in the same city most of the time. But we do tend to spend of all our time at home. Although I enjoy those moments very much, I'd love to go out more and do all kinds of things. 
  9. Experiment with analogue photography. This basically means I have to finish the film in my fisheyecamera and get it developed. And immediately buy a new film... Or maybe buy a new toy camera... Or a polaroid... My boyfriend's mom has one lying around somewhere...
  10. Save a little money for the future. This might sound very very boring, I know. But I do think it's important to save for your future. Although there's no place like Hotel Mom, I like to live alone one day... And that means: saving money! I'm gonna set the bar at 500 euros, I think. Since this is the first year I actually have a (weekend) job, that needs to be feasible.
  11. Discover local treasures. I'm in love with Antwerp and Leuven, the two cities where I usually go to (or live in the case of Leuven) but I noticed that I don't know that much about the region where I grew up. Of course I've heard about a lot of things, but I never actually visited them. That needs to change! I definitely want to go on a bike ride or something and discover all those things!
  12. Go to a festival. This one will be ea-sy! I already got tickets to see Bruce Springsteen on TW Classic and one of the perks of living in Belgium is that we got some amazing festivals! Rock Werchter has won several awards for being the best festival in the world/Europe (I'm not sure) and Pukkelpop is awesome as well. Even if you don't want to spend hundreds of euros for a festival, there are many (local and) cheap or even free festivals out there. I'm totally ready for it!
  13. Buy more Cd's. I was just a little bit too young for the vinyl era, I'm afraid. It really breaks my heart because I think I might love vinyl records even more than Cd's but I just don't have a record player so I'm obliged to stick with the Cd's. I love having a CD-collection, it just has so much more charm to it than downloading songs. (Don't get me wrong: my iPod is an important part of my life as well, but at home I prefer my Cd's).
  14. Invent my own pie-recipe. I love discovering new recipes and trying to remake them or give them my own touch. But this year I want to set the bar a little higher and make my own recipe. I've got chocolate mousse on my mind...
  15. Read 5 books. You might think: only five??! So yes, only 5. I'll try for more but between my school work, regular work and family/friends-time I don't have that much free time. And when I do, I have so many things I want to do that reading has been left out. Fortunately summer is coming up and that happens to be the time that I enjoy reading the most. Just relaxing in the sun with a cold drink and sunglasses on. Sounds divine.
  16. Discover new music/bands. Music has always been a major part of my life. There was a time when I even could play the guitar a little bit. For now, I just stick to listening but even that has been put on hold the past year. My new mission is to discover at least one new band/artist whose record I can play over and over again.
  17. Donate blood. This is something I've been willing to do for 4 years now or so, ever since I moved to Leuven and somehow I never got it done.
  18. Road trip. Once I got my driver's licence, I'll definitely need to go on a road trip!
  19. Give my boyfriend at least a thousand kisses. Needs no explanation.
  20. Learn to drink wine. I think I might be weird because somehow everyone loves wine except me. This might actually be a good thing (drink less alcohol and stuff) but I often feel left out of all the wine-drinkers' joy. Sounds sad, doesn't it? 
  21. Find an internship or have some work experience in a company/job I love. I've been studying for 4 years now and I still have never actually worked in the field, you know? Writing is what I love to do one day and finding an internship with a cool magazine (or other media-related internships) is something I always dreamed of.
  22. Learn more about blog design and html and stuff. I don't know anything about these things! Although I'm usually fine with the preset templates, maybe in time I can take it up a notch. Starting out small and who knows, one day I'll be actually good at it!

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