June 11, 2013


Is it weird posting a wishlist the day after your birthday? This doesn't mean I'm not happy with my gifts or anything (because I am, you're looking at the proud owner of a Coldplay-mug now). It's just that whenever I have exams, my study breaks always lead me to websites with pretty things... and so my wishlist is born.

1. Right on barbecue dress – Modcloth // 2. Short with lace – New Look // 3. Orsia Patti Circle Scarf – Vero Moda // 4. Hat – H&M // 5. Summershoes – New Look // 6. Sweet soiree flat in candy apple – Modcloth // 7. Cute socks – Topshop

ps: I just wanted to let you know that I got the BEST BIRTHDAY CARD EVER from my best friend with all pictures of us/fun memories, just look at it this beauty:

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