June 5, 2013


For those who are curious about what I did in May (if there are any):

1. The Boyfriend and I started our own vegetable garden. Our latest attribution: brocolli! // 2. Working in that same garden // 3. My reward after handing in my thesis // 4. Going out eating for our 2 year anniversary with a coupon from Flair Magazine // 5. Cooking! Pasta with shrimp // 6. Editing my Recipes page of eatyouriloveyous (Soon I will be editing the same kind of page right here, I promise) // 7. Customised Coca Cola cans // 8. Train ticket from travelling to Antwerp // 9. Boyfriend playing dead // 10. Eating Cupcakes! // 11. Studying with friends in the library // 12. My study nook at home: in my comfy sofa!

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